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Skyworks Solutions Amplifiers

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Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Skyworks Solutions is pleased to offer a broad selection of Power Amplifiers (PAs) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for cellular applications and diverse markets such as wireless infrastructure, WLAN, automotive, test and measurement, energy management and other high performance microwave applications.


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SKY65803-696LFSKY65803-696LFIC RF AMP --7dBm14dB0.9dB6-UFDFNRoHS
SKY66299-11SKY66299-11IC RF AMP 1900-2000MHZ LTE 16LGA--37.5dB-16-LFLGARoHS
SKY65096-360LFSKY65096-360LFIC RF AMP DRIVER 2300-2700MHZ -----RoHS
SKY65723-81SKY65723-81IC RF AMP LNA GPS/GNSS SPFS 1.559GHz ~ 1.606GHz-8dBm16.8dB1.6dB6-DFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65605-21SKY65605-21IC AMP GPS 1.55GHZ-1.6GHZ 6QFN 1.55GHz ~ 1.6GHz-19dB0.75dB6-UFDFNRoHS
SKY65715-81SKY65715-81IC RF AMP GPS 1.575GHZ 6MCM 1.575GHz-16.5dB1.9dB6-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65623-682LFSKY65623-682LFIC RF AMP GALILEO 1.575GHZ 1.575GHz-16.5dB0.85dB4-XFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67106-306LFSKY67106-306LFIC RF AMP CDMA 1.5GHZ-3GHZ 16QFN1.5GHz ~ 3GHz-9dBm35dB0.65dB16-VQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65095-360LFSKY65095-360LFIC RF AMP ISM 1.6GHZ-2.1GHZ 8DFN1.6GHz ~ 2.1GHz28.5dBm15dB4.5dB8-VFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67100-396LFSKY67100-396LFIC RF AMP CDMA 1.7GHZ-2GHZ 8DFN 1.7GHz ~ 2GHz18.7dBm17dB0.61dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY66291-11SKY66291-11IC AMP GP 1.805GHZ-1.88GHZ 16MCM1.805GHz ~ 1.88GHz-37.5dB-16-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66181-11SKY66181-11IC AMP GP 1.805GHZ-1.88GHZ 28MCM1.805GHz ~ 1.88GHz31.5dBm38dB-28-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65804-696LFSKY65804-696LFIC RF AMP 1.805GHZ-2.17GHZ 1.805GHz ~ 2.17GHz-7dBm14.5dB1.1dB6-UFDFNRoHS
SKY66189-11SKY66189-11IC AMP GP 1.93GHZ-1.995GHZ 28MCM1.93GHz ~ 1.995GHz31dBm40dB-28-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66002-11SKY66002-11IC RF AMP WCDMA 1.9GHZ 10MCM 1.9GHz-29dB-10-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65016-70LFSKY65016-70LFIC RF AMP DBS 100MHZ-3GHZ SOT89 100MHz ~ 3GHz14dBm20dB4.8dBTO-243AARoHS
SKY65014-70LFSKY65014-70LFIC RF AMP DBS 100MHZ-6GHZ SOT89 100MHz ~ 6GHz18dBm16dB4.8dBTO-243AARoHS
SKY65015-70LFSKY65015-70LFIC AMP DBS 100MHZ-6GHZ SOT89-3 100MHz ~ 6GHz17dBm18dB4.2dBTO-243AARoHS
SKY65017-70LFSKY65017-70LFIC AMP DBS 100MHZ-6GHZ SOT89-3 100MHz ~ 6GHz20dBm20dB5dBTO-243AARoHS
SKY65013-70LFSKY65013-70LFIC AMP WIMAX 100MHZ-7GHZ SOT89 100MHz ~ 7GHz12.5dBm12.5dB5.5dBTO-243AARoHS
SKY66001-11SKY66001-11IC AMP WCDMA 2.1GHZ-2.2GHZ 10MCM2.1GHz ~ 2.2GHz-28dB-10-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66292-11SKY66292-11IC RF AMP LTE 2.4GHZ 2.3GHz ~ 2.4GHz-35.5dB-16-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65805-696LFSKY65805-696LFIC RF AMP 2.3GHZ-2.69GHZ 2.3GHz ~ 2.69GHz-3dBm13dB1.1dB6-UFDFNRoHS
SKY65405-21SKY65405-21IC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 6DFN 2.4GHz-15dB-6-XFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE2623L-RSE2623L-RIC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 16QFN 2.4GHz---16-VFQFN Exposed Pad
SE2433T-RSE2433T-RIC RF AMP ISM 2.4GHZ 12QFN 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz-22dB-12-UFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE2576L-RSE2576L-RIC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 16QFN 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz32dBm33dB-16-VFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE2565T-RSE2565T-RIC RF AMP GP 2.4GHZ 16QFN 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz30dBm32dB-16-UFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE2604L-RSE2604L-RIC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 16QFN 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz30dBm32dB-16-VFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE2568U-RSE2568U-RIC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 8QFN 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz25dBm28dB-8-XFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65174-21SKY65174-21IC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2.4GHZ 10MCM 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz34.5dBm34.5dB7dB10-VFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67159-396LFSKY67159-396LFIC AMP 3G/4G 200MHZ-3.8GHZ 8DFN 200MHz ~ 3.8GHz18dBm16.8dB1.3dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY66294-11SKY66294-11IC RF AMP GP 2GHZ-2.3GHZ 16MCM 2GHz ~ 2.3GHz-36dB-16-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65971-11SKY65971-11IC AMP 802.11B/G/N 2-2.5GHZ 6QFN2GHz ~ 2.5GHz-14.5dB1.3dB6-XFDFN Exposed Pad
SKY67102-396LFSKY67102-396LFIC RF AMP CDMA 2GHZ-3.0GHZ 8DFN 2GHz ~ 3.0GHz-1dBm17.2dB0.8dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY66293-21SKY66293-21IC AMP LTE 3.4GHZ-3.8GHZ 16LGA 3.4GHz ~ 3.8GHz-33.5dB-16-LFLGARoHS
SKY65806-636LFSKY65806-636LFIC RF AMP 3.4GHZ-3.8GHZ 3.4GHz ~ 3.8GHz-8dBm13.5dB1.2dB6-UFDFNRoHS
SKY67150-396LFSKY67150-396LFIC RF AMP GSM 300MHZ-2.2GHZ 8DFN300MHz ~ 2.2GHz1.5dBm20.5dB0.23dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65404-31SKY65404-31IC AMP 802.11A/N 4.9-5.9GHZ 6QFN4.9GHz ~ 5.9GHz-13dB1dB6-XFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65162-70LFSKY65162-70LFIC AMP LTE 400MHZ-2.7GHZ SOT89-4400MHz ~ 2.7GHz29dBm23.5dB10dBTO-243AARoHS
SE5005L-RSE5005L-RIC AMP 802.11A 5.15-5.75GHZ QFN 5.15GHz ~ 5.75GHz25dBm34dB-16-VFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE5003L-RSE5003L-RIC AMP 802.11AN 5.15-5.85GHZ QFN5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz29dBm32dB-20-VFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SE5004L-RSE5004L-RIC AMP 802.11AN 5.15-5.85GHZ QFN5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz34dBm32dB-20-VFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY85402-11SKY85402-11IC AMP 802.11AC 5.15-5.85GHZ QFN5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHz29dBm32dB-20-VFQFN Exposed Pad
SKY66288-11SKY66288-11IC RF AMP LTE 5.15GHZ-5.9GHZ 5.15GHz ~ 5.9GHz-34.5dB-16-SMD Module
SKY65981-11SKY65981-11IC RF AMP 802.11A/N/AC 5GHZ 6QFN5GHz-13dB1.5dB6-XFDFN Exposed Pad
SKY85408-11SKY85408-115GHZ 22DBM 1024QAM 11AC PA 5GHz-35dB-20-QFNRoHS
SKY65111-348LFSKY65111-348LFIC AMP ISM 600MHZ-1.1GHZ 16QFN 600MHz ~ 1.1GHz29.5dBm40dB-16-WFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67021-396LFSKY67021-396LFIC AMP CDMA 600MHZ-1.2GHZ 8DFN 600MHz ~ 1.2GHz5.2dBm17.5dB0.6dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY65094-360LFSKY65094-360LFIC AMP ISM 698MHZ-915MHZ 14QFN 698MHz ~ 915MHz25dBm16.5dB3.2dB14-UFQFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67101-396LFSKY67101-396LFIC RF AMP CDMA 700MHZ-1GHZ 8DFN 700MHz ~ 1GHz2.2dBm17.9dB0.49dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67151-396LFSKY67151-396LFIC RF AMP GSM 700MHZ-3.8GHZ 8DFN700MHz ~ 3.8GHz-19dB0.5dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY67153-396LFSKY67153-396LFIC RF AMP GSM 700MHZ-3.8GHZ 8DFN700MHz ~ 3.8GHz2dBm19dB0.5dB8-WFDFN Exposed PadRoHS
SKY66296-11SKY66296-11IC AMP LTE 700MHZ-800MHZ 16LGA 700MHz ~ 800MHz-35dB-16-LFLGARoHS
SKY66013-11SKY66013-11IC RF AMP GP 729MHZ-768MHZ 10MCM729MHz ~ 768MHz-27.5dB-10-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66289-11SKY66289-11IC RF AMP 791-821MHZ MCM 750MHz ~ 850MHz36dBm36.5dB-16-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66188-11SKY66188-11IC RF AMP GP 758MHZ-803MHZ 28MCM758MHz ~ 803MHz31dBm37dB-28-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66005-11SKY66005-11IC AMP WCDMA 850MHZ-920MHZ 10MCM850MHz ~ 920MHz-29dB-10-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66008-11SKY66008-11IC RF AMP WCDMA 900MHZ 10MCM 900MHz-28.5dB-10-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY65362-11SKY65362-11IC AMP ISM 900MHZ-930MHZ 36MCM 900MHz ~ 930MHz-16dB2.5dB36-SMD ModuleRoHS
SKY66298-11SKY66298-11IC POWER AMP 900-990MHZ SMD 900MHz ~ 990MHz28dBm34dB-16-SMD ModuleRoHS

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