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Assmann WSW Components
Single Ended Socket Cable Assemblies
CNC Tech
Single Ended Socket Cable Assemblies
CW Industries
Single Ended Socket Cable Assemblies

Single Ended Socket Cable Assemblies

0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch, Unshielded, Dual Row, Socket to Cable, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

CNC Tech

  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Socket to Cable
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:Flash
  • Length:3.00' (914.40mm)
  • Number of Positions:10 ~ 40
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Cable:0.050" (1.27mm)
  • Pitch - Connector:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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L1CXH-1036NL1CXH-1036NIDC CBL -LKC10H/CN217GR/X Socket to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1036NL1DXH-1036NIDC CBL -LKR10H/CN217GR/X Socket to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-1436NL1CXH-1436NIDC CBL -LKC14H/CN218GR/X Socket to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1436NL1DXH-1436NIDC CBL -LKR14H/CN218GR/X Socket to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-1036CL1CXH-1036CIDC CBL -LKC10H/CN223MC/X Socket to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1036CL1DXH-1036CIDC CBL -LKR10H/CN223MC/X Socket to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1436CL1DXH-1436CIDC CBL -LKR14H/CN224MC/X Socket to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-1636NL1CXH-1636NIDC CBL -LKC16H/CN219GR/X Socket to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1636NL1DXH-1636NIDC CBL -LKR16H/CN219GR/X Socket to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-1436CL1CXH-1436CIDC CBL -LKC14H/CN224MC/X Socket to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-1636CL1CXH-1636CIDC CBL -LKC16H/CN225MC/X Socket to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-1636CL1DXH-1636CIDC CBL -LKR16H/CN225MC/X Socket to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-2036NL1CXH-2036NIDC CBL -LKC20H/CN220GR/X Socket to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-2036NL1DXH-2036NIDC CBL -LKR20H/CN220GR/X Socket to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-2036CL1CXH-2036CIDC CBL -LKC20H/CN226MC/X Socket to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-2036CL1DXH-2036CIDC CBL -LKR20H/CN226MC/X Socket to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-2636NL1CXH-2636NIDC CBL -LKC26H/CN221GR/X Socket to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-2636NL1DXH-2636NIDC CBL -LKR26H/CN221GR/X Socket to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-2636CL1CXH-2636CIDC CBL -LKC26H/CN227MC/X Socket to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-2636CL1DXH-2636CIDC CBL -LKR26H/CN227MC/X Socket to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-4036NL1CXH-4036NIDC CBL -LKC40H/CN222GR/X Socket to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-4036NL1DXH-4036NIDC CBL -LKR40H/CN222GR/X Socket to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1CXH-4036CL1CXH-4036CIDC CBL -LKC40H/CN228MC/X Socket to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
L1DXH-4036CL1DXH-4036CIDC CBL -LKR40H/CN228MC/X Socket to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS

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