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PCB to PCB Cable Assemblies
Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies
Assmann WSW Components
Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies

Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies

0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch, Unshielded, Dual Row Plug Cable Assemblies


IDC, plug to cable.

  • Available in gray or multicolor.
  • Plug with flange, polarizing key.
  • Plug with flange, polarizing key, strain relief.
  • Plug with polarizing key.
  • Plug with polarizing key, strain relief.
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Plug to Cable
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:30.0µin (0.76µm)
  • Number of Positions:10 ~ 64
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Cable:0.050" (1.27mm)
  • Pitch - Connector:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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M1KXK-1036JM1KXK-1036JIDC CABLE - MPK10K/MC10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1036JM1WXK-1036JIDC CABLE - MPL10K/MC10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1036RM1KXK-1036RIDC CABLE - MPK10K/MC10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1036RM1WXK-1036RIDC CABLE - MPL10K/MC10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1036JM1RXK-1036JIDC CABLE - MPR10K/MC10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1036JM1YXK-1036JIDC CABLE - MPD10K/MC10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1040KM1WXK-1040KIDC CABLE - MPL10K/MC10F/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1040KM1KXK-1040KIDC CABLE - MPK10K/MC10F/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1436JM1KXK-1436JIDC CABLE - MPK14K/MC14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1436JM1WXK-1436JIDC CABLE - MPL14K/MC14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1036RM1RXK-1036RIDC CABLE - MPR10K/MC10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1036RM1YXK-1036RIDC CABLE - MPD10K/MC10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1636JM1KXK-1636JIDC CABLE - MPK16K/MC16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1636JM1WXK-1636JIDC CABLE - MPL16K/MC16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1040KM1YXK-1040KIDC CABLE - MPD10K/MC10F/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1040KM1RXK-1040KIDC CABLE - MPR10K/MC10F/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1436JM1RXK-1436JIDC CABLE - MPR14K/MC14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1436JM1YXK-1436JIDC CABLE - MPD14K/MC14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1436RM1KXK-1436RIDC CABLE - MPK14K/MC14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1436RM1WXK-1436RIDC CABLE - MPL14K/MC14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1636JM1RXK-1636JIDC CABLE - MPR16K/MC16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1636JM1YXK-1636JIDC CABLE - MPD16K/MC16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2036JM1KXK-2036JIDC CABLE - MPK20K/MC20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2036JM1WXK-2036JIDC CABLE - MPL20K/MC20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1636RM1KXK-1636RIDC CABLE - MPK16K/MC16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1636RM1WXK-1636RIDC CABLE - MPL16K/MC16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1440KM1WXK-1440KIDC CABLE - MPL14K/MC14F/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1440KM1KXK-1440KIDC CABLE - MPK14K/MC14F/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1436RM1RXK-1436RIDC CABLE - MPR14K/MC14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1436RM1YXK-1436RIDC CABLE - MPD14K/MC14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2436JM1KXK-2436JIDC CABLE - MPK24K/MC24G/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2436JM1WXK-2436JIDC CABLE - MPL24K/MC24G/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2036JM1RXK-2036JIDC CABLE - MPR20K/MC20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2036JM1YXK-2036JIDC CABLE - MPD20K/MC20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1440KM1YXK-1440KIDC CABLE - MPD14K/MC14F/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1440KM1RXK-1440KIDC CABLE - MPR14K/MC14F/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-1640KM1WXK-1640KIDC CABLE - MPL16K/MC16F/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-1640KM1KXK-1640KIDC CABLE - MPK16K/MC16F/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2636JM1KXK-2636JIDC CABLE - MPK26K/MC26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2636JM1WXK-2636JIDC CABLE - MPL26K/MC26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1636RM1RXK-1636RIDC CABLE - MPR16K/MC16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1636RM1YXK-1636RIDC CABLE - MPD16K/MC16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2036RM1KXK-2036RIDC CABLE - MPK20K/MC20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2036RM1WXK-2036RIDC CABLE - MPL20K/MC20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2436JM1RXK-2436JIDC CABLE - MPR24K/MC24G/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2436RM1KXK-2436RIDC CABLE - MPK24K/MC24M/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-1640KM1YXK-1640KIDC CABLE - MPD16K/MC16F/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-1640KM1RXK-1640KIDC CABLE - MPR16K/MC16F/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2436JM1YXK-2436JIDC CABLE - MPD24K/MC24G/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3036JM1WXK-3036JIDC CABLE - MPL30K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3036JM1KXK-3036JIDC CABLE - MPK30K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2036RM1RXK-2036RIDC CABLE - MPR20K/MC20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2036RM1YXK-2036RIDC CABLE - MPD20K/MC20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2636JM1RXK-2636JIDC CABLE - MPR26K/MC26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2636JM1YXK-2636JIDC CABLE - MPD26K/MC26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2436RM1WXK-2436RIDC CABLE - MPL24K/MC24M/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2040KM1WXK-2040KIDC CABLE - MPL20K/MC20F/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2040KM1KXK-2040KIDC CABLE - MPK20K/MC20F/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2636RM1KXK-2636RIDC CABLE - MPK26K/MC26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2636RM1WXK-2636RIDC CABLE - MPL26K/MC26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3436JM1KXK-3436JIDC CABLE - MPK34K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3436JM1WXK-3436JIDC CABLE - MPL34K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3636JM1WXK-3636JIDC CABLE - MPL36K/MC37G/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2436RM1RXK-2436RIDC CABLE - MPR24K/MC24M/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2040KM1YXK-2040KIDC CABLE - MPD20K/MC20F/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2040KM1RXK-2040KIDC CABLE - MPR20K/MC20F/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3636JM1KXK-3636JIDC CABLE - MPK36K/MC37G/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2436RM1YXK-2436RIDC CABLE - MPD24K/MC24M/X Plug to Cable2420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-4036JM1KXK-4036JIDC CABLE - MPK40K/MC40G/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-4036JM1WXK-4036JIDC CABLE - MPL40K/MC40G/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3036RM1WXK-3036RIDC CABLE - MPL30K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3036RM1KXK-3036RIDC CABLE - MPK30K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2636RM1RXK-2636RIDC CABLE - MPR26K/MC26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2636RM1YXK-2636RIDC CABLE - MPD26K/MC26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-2640KM1WXK-2640KIDC CABLE - MPL26K/MC26F/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-2640KM1KXK-2640KIDC CABLE - MPK26K/MC26F/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3036JM1YXK-3036JIDC CABLE - MPD30K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-3036JM1RXK-3036JIDC CABLE - MPR30K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3436RM1KXK-3436RIDC CABLE - MPK34K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3436RM1WXK-3436RIDC CABLE - MPL34K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3636RM1KXK-3636RIDC CABLE - MPK36K/MC37M/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-5036JM1KXK-5036JIDC CABLE - MPK50K/MC50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-5036JM1WXK-5036JIDC CABLE - MPL50K/MC50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-2640KM1RXK-2640KIDC CABLE - MPR26K/MC26F/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-2640KM1YXK-2640KIDC CABLE - MPD26K/MC26F/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3636RM1WXK-3636RIDC CABLE - MPL36K/MC37M/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-4036RM1KXK-4036RIDC CABLE - MPK40K/MC40M/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-4036RM1WXK-4036RIDC CABLE - MPL40K/MC40M/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-3436JM1RXK-3436JIDC CABLE - MPR34K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3436JM1YXK-3436JIDC CABLE - MPD34K/MC34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3636JM1YXK-3636JIDC CABLE - MPD36K/MC37G/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3036RM1YXK-3036RIDC CABLE - MPD30K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-3036RM1RXK-3036RIDC CABLE - MPR30K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-4036JM1RXK-4036JIDC CABLE - MPR40K/MC40G/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-4036JM1YXK-4036JIDC CABLE - MPD40K/MC40G/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-3440KM1WXK-3440KIDC CABLE - MPL34K/MC34F/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-3440KM1KXK-3440KIDC CABLE - MPK34K/MC34F/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6036JM1KXK-6036JIDC CABLE - MPK60K/MC60G/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6036JM1WXK-6036JIDC CABLE - MPL60K/MC60G/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-3436RM1RXK-3436RIDC CABLE - MPR34K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3436RM1YXK-3436RIDC CABLE - MPD34K/MC34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3440KM1YXK-3440KIDC CABLE - MPD34K/MC34F/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-3440KM1RXK-3440KIDC CABLE - MPR34K/MC34F/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6436JM1KXK-6436JIDC CABLE - MPK64K/MC64G/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6436JM1WXK-6436JIDC CABLE - MPL64K/MC64G/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-5036JM1RXK-5036JIDC CABLE - MPR50K/MC50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-5036JM1YXK-5036JIDC CABLE - MPD50K/MC50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-3636RM1YXK-3636RIDC CABLE - MPD36K/MC37M/X Plug to Cable3620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6036JM1RXK-6036JIDC CABLE - MPR60K/MC60G/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6036JM1YXK-6036JIDC CABLE - MPD60K/MC60G/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-5036RM1KXK-5036RIDC CABLE - MPK50K/MC50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-5036RM1WXK-5036RIDC CABLE - MPL50K/MC50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-4040KM1WXK-4040KIDC CABLE - MPL40K/MC40F/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-4040KM1KXK-4040KIDC CABLE - MPK40K/MC40F/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-5040KM1WXK-5040KIDC CABLE - MPL50K/MC50F/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-5040KM1KXK-5040KIDC CABLE - MPK50K/MC50F/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6036RM1KXK-6036RIDC CABLE - MPK60K/MC60M/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6036RM1WXK-6036RIDC CABLE - MPL60K/MC60M/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6436JM1RXK-6436JIDC CABLE - MPR64K/MC64G/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6436JM1YXK-6436JIDC CABLE - MPD64K/MC64G/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-5036RM1RXK-5036RIDC CABLE - MPR50K/MC50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-5036RM1YXK-5036RIDC CABLE - MPD50K/MC50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-4036RM1RXK-4036RIDC CABLE - MPR40K/MC40M/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-4036RM1YXK-4036RIDC CABLE - MPD40K/MC40M/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-4040KM1YXK-4040KIDC CABLE - MPD40K/MC40F/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-4040KM1RXK-4040KIDC CABLE - MPR40K/MC40F/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6436RM1KXK-6436RIDC CABLE - MPK64K/MC64M/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6436RM1WXK-6436RIDC CABLE - MPL64K/MC64M/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-5040KM1YXK-5040KIDC CABLE - MPD50K/MC50F/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-5040KM1RXK-5040KIDC CABLE - MPR50K/MC50F/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6036RM1RXK-6036RIDC CABLE - MPR60K/MC60M/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6036RM1YXK-6036RIDC CABLE - MPD60K/MC60M/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6040KM1WXK-6040KIDC CABLE - MPL60K/MC60F/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6040KM1KXK-6040KIDC CABLE - MPK60K/MC60F/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6436RM1RXK-6436RIDC CABLE - MPR64K/MC64M/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6436RM1YXK-6436RIDC CABLE - MPD64K/MC64M/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1WXK-6440KM1WXK-6440KIDC CABLE - MPL64K/MC64F/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1KXK-6440KM1KXK-6440KIDC CABLE - MPK64K/MC64F/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6040KM1YXK-6040KIDC CABLE - MPD60K/MC60F/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6040KM1RXK-6040KIDC CABLE - MPR60K/MC60F/X Plug to Cable6020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1YXK-6440KM1YXK-6440KIDC CABLE - MPD64K/MC64F/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
M1RXK-6440KM1RXK-6440KIDC CABLE - MPR64K/MC64F/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS

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Associated Product
3M 3505-8010
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Accessories-Backshells, Caps, Covers, Strain Reliefs
3M 4610-6051
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Connectors, Interconnects-Rectangular Connectors-Free Hanging, Panel Mount