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Samtec Inc.
Tiger Eye™ Series Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies
Adafruit Industries LLC

Single Ended Plug Cable Assemblies

0.100" (2.54mm) Pitch, Unshielded, Plug Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

IDC, plug to cable.

  • Available in gray or multicolor
  • Plug with polarizing key.
  • Plug with polarizing key, strain relief.
  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Connector Type:Plug to Cable
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:30.0µin (0.76µm)
  • Length:3.00' (914.40mm)
  • Number of Positions:10 ~ 64
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Cable:0.050" (1.27mm)
  • Pitch - Connector:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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A1KXB-1036GA1KXB-1036GIDC CABLE - APK10B/AE10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1036GA1RXB-1036GIDC CABLE - APR10B/AE10G/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-1036MA1KXB-1036MIDC CABLE - APK10B/AE10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1036MA1RXB-1036MIDC CABLE - APR10B/AE10M/X Plug to Cable1020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-1436GA1KXB-1436GIDC CABLE - APK14B/AE14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1436GA1RXB-1436GIDC CABLE - APR14B/AE14G/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-1436MA1KXB-1436MIDC CABLE - APK14B/AE14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1436MA1RXB-1436MIDC CABLE - APR14B/AE14M/X Plug to Cable1420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-1636GA1KXB-1636GIDC CABLE - APK16B/AE16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1636GA1RXB-1636GIDC CABLE - APR16B/AE16G/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-1636MA1KXB-1636MIDC CABLE - APK16B/AE16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-1636MA1RXB-1636MIDC CABLE - APR16B/AE16M/X Plug to Cable1620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-2036GA1KXB-2036GIDC CABLE - APK20B/AE20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-2036GA1RXB-2036GIDC CABLE - APR20B/AE20G/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-2036MA1KXB-2036MIDC CABLE - APK20B/AE20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-2036MA1RXB-2036MIDC CABLE - APR20B/AE20M/X Plug to Cable2020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-2636GA1KXB-2636GIDC CABLE - APK26B/AE26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-2636GA1RXB-2636GIDC CABLE - APR26B/AE26G/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-2636MA1KXB-2636MIDC CABLE - APK26B/AE26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-2636MA1RXB-2636MIDC CABLE - APR26B/AE26M/X Plug to Cable2620.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-3036GA1KXB-3036GIDC CABLE - APK30B/AE30G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-3036GA1RXB-3036GIDC CABLE - APR30B/AE30G/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-3036MA1KXB-3036MIDC CABLE - APK30B/AE30M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-3036MA1RXB-3036MIDC CABLE - APR30B/AE30M/X Plug to Cable3020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-3436GA1RXB-3436GIDC CABLE - APR34B/AE34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-3436GA1KXB-3436GIDC CABLE - APK34B/AE34G/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-3436MA1KXB-3436MIDC CABLE - APK34B/AE34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-3436MA1RXB-3436MIDC CABLE - APR34B/AE34M/X Plug to Cable3420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-4036GA1KXB-4036GIDC CABLE - APK40B/AE40G/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-4036MA1KXB-4036MIDC CABLE - APK40B/AE40M/X Plug to Cable4020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-5036GA1KXB-5036GIDC CABLE - APK50B/AE50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-5036GA1RXB-5036GIDC CABLE - APR50B/AE50G/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-5036MA1KXB-5036MIDC CABLE - APK50B/AE50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1RXB-5036MA1RXB-5036MIDC CABLE - APR50B/AE50M/X Plug to Cable5020.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-6436GA1KXB-6436GIDC CABLE - APK64B/AE64G/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS
A1KXB-6436MA1KXB-6436MIDC CABLE - APK64B/AE64M/X Plug to Cable6420.100" (2.54mm)RoHS

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