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Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode
GeneSiC Semiconductor
Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Diode
Global Power Technologies Group
Silicon Carbide Schottky

Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Diode

Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode

GeneSiC Semiconductor

GeneSiC Semiconductor offers their Silicon Carbide Power Schottky diode. The advantage of these products is improved circuit efficiency (Lower overall cost), low switching losses, ease of paralleling devices without thermal runaway, smaller heat sink requirements, low reverse recovery current, low device capacitance, and low reverse leakage current at operating temperature.

  • Temperature independent switching behavior
  • Superior surge current capability
  • Positive temperature coefficient of Vf
  • Improved circuit efficiency (Lower overall cost)
  • Low switching losses
  • Ease of paralleling devices without thermal runaway
  • Smaller heat sink requirements
  • Low reverse recovery current
  • Low device capacitance
  • Low reverse leakage current at operating temperature
  • Current - Average Rectified (Io):300mA ~ 216A (DC)
  • Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:1mA ~ 200µA
  • Current Coupled to Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:300mA ~ 50A
  • Diode Type:Silicon Carbide Schottky
  • Reverse Recovery Time (trr):0ns
  • Speed:No Recovery Time > 500mA (Io)
  • Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max):100V ~ 3300V
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If:1.6V ~ 3V
  • Voltage Coupled to Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr:6.5V ~ 3300V

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GB01SLT12-214GB01SLT12-214DIODE SCHOTTKY 1.2KV 2.5A SMB Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V2.5A1.8VDO-214AA, SMBRoHS
GB02SLT12-214GB02SLT12-214DIODE SCHOTTKY 1.2KV 2A DO214AA Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V2A (DC)1.8VDO-214AA, SMBRoHS
GAP3SLT33-220FPGAP3SLT33-220FPDIODE SCHOTTKY 3.3KV 300MA TO220Silicon Carbide Schottky3300V300mA1.7VTO-220-2 Full PackRoHS
GB05MPS33-263GB05MPS33-263SIC SCHOTTKY 3300V 5A TO-263-7 Silicon Carbide Schottky3300V14A (DC)3VTO-263-8, D²Pak (7 Leads + Tab), TO-263CARoHS
GB01SLT06-214GB01SLT06-214DIODE SCHOTTKY 650V 1A DO214AA Silicon Carbide Schottky650V1A (DC)2VDO-214AA, SMBRoHS
GB02SLT12-252GB02SLT12-252DIODE SIC SCHKY 1.2KV 2A TO252 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V5A (DC)1.8VTO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63RoHS
GB02SHT03-46GB02SHT03-46DIODE SCHOTTKY 300V 4A Silicon Carbide Schottky300V4A (DC)1.6VTO-206AB, TO-46-3 Metal CanRoHS
GC02MPS12-220GC02MPS12-220SIC DIODE 1200V 2A TO-220-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V12A (DC)1.8VTO-220-2RoHS
GC08MPS12-220GC08MPS12-220SIC DIODE 1200V 8A TO-220-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V43A (DC)1.8VTO-220-2RoHS
GC10MPS12-220GC10MPS12-220SIC DIODE 1200V 10A TO-220-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V54A (DC)1.8VTO-220-2RoHS
GC15MPS12-220GC15MPS12-220SIC DIODE 1200V 15A TO-220-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V82A (DC)1.8VTO-220-2RoHS
GC15MPS12-247GC15MPS12-247SIC DIODE 1200V 15A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V75A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB05MPS17-247GB05MPS17-247SIC DIODE 1700V 5A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1700V25A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GC20MPS12-220GC20MPS12-220SIC DIODE 1200V 20A TO-220-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V94A (DC)1.8VTO-220-2RoHS
GC50MPS06-247GC50MPS06-247SIC DIODE 650V 50A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky650V50A (DC)-TO-247-2RoHS
GC20MPS12-247GC20MPS12-247SIC DIODE 1200V 20A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V90A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB10MPS17-247GB10MPS17-247SIC DIODE 1700V 10A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1700V50A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB50MPS17-247GB50MPS17-247SIC DIODE 1700V 50A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1700V216A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GC05MPS12-252GC05MPS12-252SIC DIODE 1200V 5A TO-252-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V27A (DC)1.8VTO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63RoHS
GC08MPS12-252GC08MPS12-252SIC DIODE 1200V 8A TO-252-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V40A (DC)1.8VTO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63RoHS
GC10MPS12-252GC10MPS12-252SIC DIODE 1200V 10A TO-252-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V50A (DC)1.8VTO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63RoHS
GB20SLT12-247GB20SLT12-247DIODE SCHOTTKY 1.2KV 20A TO247ACSilicon Carbide Schottky1200V20A2VTO-247-2RoHS
GB25MPS17-247GB25MPS17-247SIC DIODE 1700V 25A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1700V110A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB50SLT12-247GB50SLT12-247DIODE SCHOTTKY 1.2KV 50A TO247ACSilicon Carbide Schottky1200V50A1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB02SHT01-46GB02SHT01-46DIODE SCHOTTKY 100V 4A Silicon Carbide Schottky100V4A (DC)1.6VTO-206AB, TO-46-3 Metal CanRoHS
GB02SHT06-46GB02SHT06-46DIODE SCHOTTKY 600V 4A Silicon Carbide Schottky600V4A (DC)1.6VTO-206AB, TO-46-3 Metal CanRoHS
GC50MPS12-247GC50MPS12-247SIC DIODE 1200V 50A TO-247-2 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V212A (DC)1.8VTO-247-2RoHS
GB01SLT12-252GB01SLT12-252DIODE SILICON 1.2KV 1A TO252 Silicon Carbide Schottky1200V1A1.8VTO-252-3, DPak (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63RoHS
GAP3SLT33-214GAP3SLT33-214DIODE SCHOTTKY 3.3KV 300MA DO214Silicon Carbide Schottky3300V300mA (DC)2.2VDO-214AA, SMBRoHS

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