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Abracon LLC
ATCA Series
Amgis, LLC
SH150 Series
Amgis, LLC
SH50 Series

SH150 Series

Chipset Specific, Surface Mount and Through Hole, Toroidal Inductors

Amgis, LLC

The SH150 Series of toroidal inductors are designed for use with Texas Instruments' 150kHz Simple Switcher™ Part Numbers LM259X-L1 through LM259X-L44 and LM258X-L

  • High energy storage with minimum saturation
  • High stability from no load to full load
  • Available in both SMD and TH versions
  • Manufactured in ISO-9001:2000, TS-16949:2002 and ISO-14001:2004 certified facility
  • Meets lead free reflow level J-STD-020C
  • Current Rating (Amps):380mA ~ 4.5A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):20mOhm ~ 1.2Ohm
  • Inductance:17µH ~ 377µH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:10kHz
  • Material - Core:Iron Powder
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 125°C
  • Shielding:Unshielded
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Type:Toroidal

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SH150S-1.02-168SH150S-1.02-168FIXED IND 168UH 1.02A 400 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder168µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-1.54-77SH150S-1.54-77FIXED IND 77UH 1.54A 200 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder77µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-2.24-37SH150S-2.24-37FIXED IND 37UH 2.24A 100 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder37µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-1.26-112SH150S-1.26-112FIXED IND 112UH 1.26A 300 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder112µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-0.83-248SH150S-0.83-248FIXED IND 248UH 830MA 600 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder248µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-2.74-24SH150S-2.74-24FIXED IND 24UH 2.74A 70 MOHM SMDToroidalIron Powder24µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-3.00-17SH150S-3.00-17FIXED IND 17UH 3A 50 MOHM SMD ToroidalIron Powder17µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150C-4.50-19SH150C-4.50-19FIXED IND 19UH 4.5A 20 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder19µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS
SH150T-0.68-377SH150T-0.68-377FIXED IND 377UH 680MA 1 OHM TH ToroidalIron Powder377µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150C-2.22-114SH150C-2.22-114FIXED IND 114UH 2.22A 100 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder114µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS
SH150T-1.87-53SH150T-1.87-53FIXED IND 53UH 1.87A 130 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder53µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150S-3.00-25SH150S-3.00-25FIXED IND 25UH 3A 40 MOHM SMD ToroidalIron Powder25µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-3.00-38SH150S-3.00-38FIXED IND 38UH 3A 50 MOHM SMD ToroidalIron Powder38µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150S-3.00-77SH150S-3.00-77FIXED IND 77UH 3A 80 MOHM SMD ToroidalIron Powder77µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150T-0.38-118SH150T-0.38-118FIXED IND 118UH 380MA 1.2 OHM THToroidalIron Powder118µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150T-0.67-115SH150T-0.67-115FIXED IND 115UH 670MA 400 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder115µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150T-1.54-77SH150T-1.54-77FIXED IND 77UH 1.54A 200 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder77µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150T-1.26-112SH150T-1.26-112FIXED IND 112UH 1.26A 300 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder112µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150C-3.00-38SH150C-3.00-38FIXED IND 38UH 3A 50 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder38µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS
SH150T-0.83-248SH150T-0.83-248FIXED IND 248UH 830MA 600 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder248µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150C-3.00-77SH150C-3.00-77FIXED IND 77UH 3A 80 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder77µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS
SH150T-2.24-37SH150T-2.24-37FIXED IND 37UH 2.24A 100 MOHM THToroidalIron Powder37µH±20%Radial, Horizontal - Corner TerminalsRoHS
SH150S-1.87-53SH150S-1.87-53FIXED IND 53UH 1.87A 130 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder53µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150C-3.00-110SH150C-3.00-110FIXED IND 110UH 3A 90 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder110µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS
SH150S-0.54-173SH150S-0.54-173FIXED IND 173UH 540MA 600 MOHM ToroidalIron Powder173µH±20%NonstandardRoHS
SH150C-3.00-17SH150C-3.00-17FIXED IND 17UH 3A 50 MOHM TH ToroidalIron Powder17µH±20%Radial, Vertical (Open)RoHS

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