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Sensirion AG
SDP600 Series Evaluation Kit
Sensirion AG
SDP800 Series Evaluation Kit
Sensirion AG
SFM3000 Evaluation Kit
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SDP800 Series Evaluation Kit

EK-P5 Evaluation Kit using the SDP800 Differential Pressure Sensor

Sensirion AG

The evaluation kit comprises a USB stick that is connected to the SDP810-500Pa differential pressure sensor with an adapter cable. Using the viewer software, the differential pressure sensor can be tested under realistic conditions by following the simple installation steps. There is therefore no need to program a microprocessor, as the evaluation kit is connected directly to a PC. The included software can be used to display measured values on the screen and makes it possible to export the data to an Excel datatype. This enables the data to be saved and processed in a simple manner.

  • Sensor Type:Pressure
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:SDP800
Associated Product
Sensirion AG SDP800 Series
Category: Sensors-Pressure-Differential