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L50 Series
SDF Series
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SDF Series

Thermal Cutoffs (Thermal Fuses)


They are used to prevent fires caused by abnormal heat generation from circuits and other heat producing electrical products.

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Product Description

This device is a non-resettable thermal fuse which open electrical contacts when temperatures exceed the specified level.

  • VDE, PSE, CCC, EK approved
  • Electric home appliances and heating devices
  • Coil-winding products and power supplies
  • Office equipment and telecommunication devices
  • Automobiles and other electronic components
  • Approval Agency:CCC, cUL, PSE, UL, VDE
  • Current Rating (Amps):10A
  • Package / Case:Axial
  • Voltage - Rated AC:250V

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SDF DF128SSDF DF128STCO 250VAC 10A 128C (262F) AXIAL106°C (223°F)128°C (262°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF141SSDF DF141STCO 250VAC 10A 141C (286F) AXIAL117°C (243°F)141°C (286°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF144SSDF DF144STCO 250VAC 10A 144C (291F) AXIAL120°C (248°F)144°C (291°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF152SSDF DF152STCO 250VAC 10A 152C (306F) AXIAL128°C (262°F)152°C (306°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF184SSDF DF184STCO 250VAC 10A 184C (363F) AXIAL160°C (320°F)184°C (363°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF192SSDF DF192STCO 250VAC 10A 192C (378F) AXIAL162°C (324°F)192°C (378°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF240SSDF DF240STCO 250VAC 10A 240C (464F) AXIAL200°C (392°F)240°C (464°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF072SSDF DF072STCO 250VAC 10A 72C (162F) AXIAL 50°C (122°F)72°C (162°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF077SSDF DF077STCO 250VAC 10A 77C (171F) AXIAL 55°C (131°F)77°C (171°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF084SSDF DF084STCO 250VAC 10A 84C (183F) AXIAL 60°C (140°F)84°C (183°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF091SSDF DF091STCO 250VAC 10A 91C (196F) AXIAL 67°C (156°F)91°C (196°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF098SSDF DF098STCO 250VAC 10A 98C (208F) AXIAL 76°C (169°F)98°C (208°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF100SSDF DF100STCO 250VAC 10A 100C (212F) AXIAL78°C (174°F)100°C (212°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF104SSDF DF104STCO 250VAC 10A 104C (219F) AXIAL80°C (176°F)104°C (219°F)250V10AAxialRoHS
SDF DF119SSDF DF119STCO 250VAC 10A 119C (246F) AXIAL95°C (203°F)119°C (246°F)250V10AAxialRoHS

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