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Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

Slotted and Phillips Head Screwdrivers

Jonard Tools

Jonard Slotted and Phillips Head Screwdrivers are made of special alloy steel for exceptional strength, long life and helps prevent corrosion. The slotted screwdrivers have cabinet tips to allow easy access where space is limited, and the Phillips screwdrivers are precision machined for that perfect fit. Both styles offer accurate size for maximum torque without slippage. Soft rubber handles offer comfort and ease of use. The end of the handle is marked to identify the tool's size.


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ND-630716ND-630716NUT DRIVER HEX SCKT 7/16" 7.01" Nut DriverHex Socket7/16"-
ND-630316ND-630316NUT DRIVER HEX SCKT 3/16" 7.01" Nut DriverHex Socket3/16"-
ND-630516ND-630516NUT DRIVER HEX SCKT 5/16" 7.01" Nut DriverHex Socket5/16"-
ND-63014ND-63014NUT DRIVER HEX SOCKET 1/4" 7.01"Nut DriverHex Socket1/4"-
ND-6301132ND-6301132NUT DRIVER HEX SCKT 11/32" 7.01"Nut DriverHex Socket11/32"-
ND-63012ND-63012NUT DRIVER HEX SOCKET 1/2" 7.01"Nut DriverHex Socket1/2"-
SDP-1SDP-1SCREWDRIVER PHILLIPS #1 6.75" ScrewdriverPhillips#13.00" (76.2mm)
SDP-2SDP-2SCREWDRIVER PHILLIPS #2 8.31" ScrewdriverPhillips#24.00" (101.6mm)
SDC-144SDC-144SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 1/4" 8.34" ScrewdriverSlotted1/4"4.00" (101.6mm)
SDSC-14SDSC-14SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 1/4" 3.5" ScrewdriverSlotted1/4"-
SDSP-2SDSP-2SCREWDRIVER PHILLIPS #2 3.5" ScrewdriverPhillips#2-
SDC-3163SDC-3163SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 3/16" 6.73" ScrewdriverSlotted3/16"3.00" (76.2mm)
SDP-3SDP-3SCREWDRIVER PHILLIPS #3 11.0" ScrewdriverPhillips#36.00" (152.4mm)
SDC-3166SDC-3166SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 3/16" 9.76" ScrewdriverSlotted3/16"6.00" (152.4mm)
SDR-24SDR-24SCREWDRIVER SQUARE #2 8.5" ScrewdriverSquareS24.00" (101.6mm)
SDC-3810SDC-3810SCREWDRIVER SLOTTED 3/8" 14.38" ScrewdriverSlotted3/8"10.00" (254.0mm)
SD-63SD-63JEWELERS SCREWDRIVER ScrewdriverSlotted3/32"-

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