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Scotch® 231/231A Series
Scotch® 232/234 Series
Scotch® 233+ Series
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Scotch® 232/234 Series

High Performance Masking Tape


Scotch® High Performance Masking Tape 232/234 is designed to be used in medium temperature paint bake operations.

Product Description

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3M custom-cut products are engineered materials to meet precise specifications and manufacturing needs

3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to your requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality you need. Whether laminating adhesives to substrates, precision or die cutting, slitting, or spooling and level winding, 3M custom-cut products are engineered to meet your precise specifications and manufacturing needs.

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  • Has been laboratory tested on painted panels and found to remove cleanly at bake temperatures of up to 250°F (121°C) for 30 minutes
  • Excellent transfer resistance to "difficult to remove from" surfaces like EDPM rubber moldings
  • Tape may become difficult to remove if subjected to prolonged outdoor exposure
  • Adhesive:Rubber
  • Length:180' (55.0m) 60 yds
  • Shelf Life:12 Months
  • Shelf Life Start:Date of Manufacture
  • Storage/Refrigeration Temperature:70°F (21°C)
  • Tape Type:Masking
  • Temperature Range:250°F (121°C) - 30 minutes
  • Usage:Paint Bake, Medium Temp

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234-12MMX55M234-12MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 0.47"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
232-18MMX55M232-18MMX55MTAPE MASKING TAN 0.71"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper, Treated0.0063" (6.3 mils, 0.160mm)RoHS
234-24MMX55M234-24MMX55MTAPE MASKING NAT 15/16"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
232-24MM-55M232-24MM-55MTAPE MASKING TAN 15/16"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper, Treated0.0063" (6.3 mils, 0.160mm)RoHS
234-18MMX55M234-18MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 0.71"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
232-36MMX55M232-36MMX55MTAPE MASKING TAN 1.42"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper, Treated0.0063" (6.3 mils, 0.160mm)RoHS
234-48MMX55M234-48MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 1.89"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
232-48MM-55M232-48MM-55MTAPE MASKING TAN 1.89"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper, Treated0.0063" (6.3 mils, 0.160mm)RoHS
234-72MMX55M234-72MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 2.83"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
234-96MMX55M234-96MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 3.78"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
232-96MMX55M232-96MMX55MTAPE MASKING TAN 3.78"X 60YDS MaskingRubberCrepe Paper, Treated0.0063" (6.3 mils, 0.160mm)RoHS
234-144MMX55M234-144MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 5.67"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS
234-36MMX55M234-36MMX55MTAPE MASKING NATURAL 1.42"X 60YDMaskingRubberCrepe Paper0.0060" (6.0 mils, 0.152mm)RoHS

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