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MACOM Technology Solutions
MBC50 Series
Skyworks Solutions Inc.
SC Series
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
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SC Series

RF, Microwave Surface Mount Silicon Capacitors

Skyworks Solutions Inc.

The SC Series have a dielectric composed of thermally grown silicon dioxide over which a layer of silicon nitride is deposited. This dielectric possesses a low temperature coefficient of capacitance and very high insulation resistance. The devices also exhibit excellent long term stability making them suitable for high reliability applications. The capacitors have a high dielectric breakdown which permits the use of thin dielectrics resulting in larger capacitance per unit.

Product Training Modules:
  • High reliability silicon oxide-nitride dielectric
  • DC blocking
  • RF bypassing
  • Applications:High Temperature
  • Capacitance:.8pF ~ 500pF
  • Features:High Reliability
  • Height:0.006" (0.15mm)
  • Operating Temperature:-65°C ~ 200°C
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Voltage - Breakdown:100V

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SC00080912SC00080912CAP SILICON 0.80PF 20% SMD .8pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00120912SC00120912CAP SILICON 1.2PF 20% SMD 1.2pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00180912SC00180912CAP SILICON 1.8PF 20% SMD 1.8pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00260912SC00260912CAP SILICON 2.6PF 20% SMD 2.6pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00380912SC00380912CAP SILICON 3.8PF 20% SMD 3.8pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00560912SC00560912CAP SILICON 5.6PF 20% SMD 5.6pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00680912SC00680912CAP SILICON 6.8PF 20% SMD 6.8pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC00820710SC00820710CAP SILICON 8.2PF 20% SMD 8.2pF±20%--NonstandardRoHS
SC00821518SC00821518CAP SILICON 8.2PF 20% SMD 8.2pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC01000710SC01000710CAP SILICON 10PF 20% SMD 10pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC01001518SC01001518CAP SILICON 10PF 20% SMD 10pF±20%--NonstandardRoHS
SC01000912SC01000912CAP SILICON 10PF 20% SMD 10pF±20%--NonstandardRoHS
SC01501518SC01501518CAP SILICON 15PF 20% SMD 15pF±20%--NonstandardRoHS
SC01500912SC01500912CAP SILICON 15PF 20% SMD 15pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC02201518SC02201518CAP SILICON 22PF 20% SMD 22pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC04701518SC04701518CAP SILICON 47PF 20% SMD 47pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC06801518SC06801518CAP SILICON 68PF 20% SMD 68pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC10002430SC10002430CAP SILICON 100PF 20% SMD 100pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC33303440SC33303440CAP SILICON 333PF 20% SMD 333pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS
SC50004450SC50004450CAP SILICON 500PF 20% SMD 500pF±20%100V-Nonstandard ChipRoHS

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