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Omron Automation and Safety
S8FS-G Series
Omron Automation and Safety
S8VK-G Series
Phoenix Contact
MINI Series - 15W
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S8VK-G Series

15W, Switch Mode Power Supply, Commercial, DIN Rail Mounting Type

Omron Automation and Safety

Reliable and easy operation, resistant in tough environments, easy and fast installation and the most compact size on the market.

  • Universal input for worldwide applications
  • DC input available
  • Possible 2 phases input usage
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Power Boost function at 120%
  • Applications:ITE (Commercial)
  • Current - Output (Max):650mA ~ 3A
  • Efficiency:77% ~ 80%
  • Mounting Type:DIN Rail
  • Number of Outputs:1
  • Power (Watts):15W
  • Size / Dimension:3.54" L x 0.89" W x 3.54" H (90.0mm x 22.5mm x 90.0mm)
  • Voltage - Input:85 ~ 264 VAC
  • Voltage - Isolation:3000V ~ 3kV
  • Voltage - Output 1:5V ~ 24V

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S8VK-G01524S8VK-G01524AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 15W Enclosed185 ~ 264 VAC24VRoHS
S8VK-G01512S8VK-G01512AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15W Enclosed185 ~ 264 VAC12VRoHS
S8VK-G01505S8VK-G01505AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15W Enclosed185 ~ 264 VAC5VRoHS
S8VK-G01505-400S8VK-G01505-400AC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15W Enclosed, Conformal Coated185 ~ 264 VAC5V
S8VK-G01512-400S8VK-G01512-400AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15W Enclosed, Conformal Coated185 ~ 264 VAC12V
S8VK-G01524-400S8VK-G01524-400AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 15W Enclosed, Conformal Coated185 ~ 264 VAC24V

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Omron Automation and Safety DIN Rail
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