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Vishay BC Components
HVCC Series
Vishay BC Components
S Series
Vishay BC Components
VY1 Series

S Series

Low Loss Radial Leaded Disc Ceramic Capacitors

Vishay BC Components

Class 1 and 2 ceramic capacitors.

Product Description

The S series consist of a ceramic disc on both sides of which are silver plated. Connection leads are made of tinned copper.

  • Low losses
  • High stability
  • High capacitance in small size
  • DC high voltage
  • Pulse high voltage
  • SMPS
  • HV power supply
  • HF ballast
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:10pF ~ 0.1µF
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Notification:Current market demand for these product types have resulted in fluctuating and extending lead times. Lead times may differ.0
  • Package / Case:Radial, Disc

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S102M59Z5UU83L0RS102M59Z5UU83L0RCAP CER 1000PF 6KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk1000pF±20%6000V (6kV)Radial, Disc
S681K29Y5PN63J5RS681K29Y5PN63J5RCAP CER 680PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk680pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102K29Y5PN63J5RS102K29Y5PN63J5RCAP CER 1000PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S471K29Y5PP63K5RS471K29Y5PP63K5RCAP CER 470PF 2KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk470pF±10%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S102K33Y5PP63K5RS102K33Y5PP63K5RCAP CER 1000PF 2KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk1000pF±10%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S101K33X7RR63K7RS101K33X7RR63K7RCAP CER 100PF 3KV X7R RADIAL Bulk100pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S472M39Z5UN63J5RS472M39Z5UN63J5RCAP CER 4700PF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk4700pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S100K33SL0R63K7RS100K33SL0R63K7RCAP CER 10PF 3KV SL RADIAL Bulk10pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S221M39SL0N63K7RS221M39SL0N63K7RCAP CER 220PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk220pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S222M29Z5UN63L6RS222M29Z5UN63L6RCAP CER 2200PF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk2200pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S331K33Y5PR63K7RS331K33Y5PR63K7RCAP CER 330PF 3KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk330pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S200K25SL0N63L6RS200K25SL0N63L6RCAP CER 20PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk20pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S471K33Y5PR63K7RS471K33Y5PR63K7RCAP CER 470PF 3KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk470pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S220K25SL0N63L6RS220K25SL0N63L6RCAP CER 22PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk22pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S100K25SL0N63L6RS100K25SL0N63L6RCAP CER 10PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk10pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S182K33Y5PN63L6RS182K33Y5PN63L6RCAP CER 1800PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk1800pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102K43Y5PR63K7RS102K43Y5PR63K7RCAP CER 1000PF 3KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk1000pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S271K25X5FN63L6RS271K25X5FN63L6RCAP CER 270PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk270pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S472M47Z5UP65K0RS472M47Z5UP65K0RCAP CER 4700PF 2KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk4700pF±20%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S151K47SL0R63K0RS151K47SL0R63K0RCAP CER 150PF 3KV SL RADIAL Bulk150pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S821K29X7RN63L6RS821K29X7RN63L6RCAP CER 820PF 1KV X7R RADIAL Bulk820pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S222K53X7RP63K7RS222K53X7RP63K7RCAP CER 2200PF 2KV X7R RADIAL Bulk2200pF±10%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S103M69Z5UP63K7RS103M69Z5UP63K7RCAP CER 10000PF 2KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk10000pF±20%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S222K59Y5PR63K7RS222K59Y5PR63K7RCAP CER 2200PF 3KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk2200pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S202K39Y5PN63L6RS202K39Y5PN63L6RCAP CER 2000PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk2000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S332M53Z5UR63L0RS332M53Z5UR63L0RCAP CER 3300PF 3KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk3300pF±20%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S561K29X5FN63L6RS561K29X5FN63L6RCAP CER 560PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk560pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S223M75Z5UN83J0RS223M75Z5UN83J0RCAP CER 0.022UF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk0.022µF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S201K33S3NN63L6RS201K33S3NN63L6RCAP CER 200PF 1KV S3N RADIAL Bulk200pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S101K29S3NN63L6RS101K29S3NN63L6RCAP CER 100PF 1KV S3N RADIAL Bulk100pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S472M69Z5UR63L0RS472M69Z5UR63L0RCAP CER 4700PF 3KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk4700pF±20%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S501K29X5FN63L6RS501K29X5FN63L6RCAP CER 500PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk500pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S203M75Z5UN63J0RS203M75Z5UN63J0RCAP CER 0.02UF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk0.02µF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S332K53X5FN63L0RS332K53X5FN63L0RCAP CER 3300PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk3300pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S202M75Z5UU83L0RS202M75Z5UU83L0RCAP CER 2000PF 6KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk2000pF±20%6000V (6kV)Radial, Disc
S104Z93Z5VL83L0RS104Z93Z5VL83L0RCAP CER 0.1UF 500V Z5V RADIAL Bulk0.1µF-20%, +80%500VRadial, Disc
S152K47Y5PR63K7RS152K47Y5PR63K7RCAP CER 1500PF 3KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk1500pF±10%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S391K25X5FN63L6RS391K25X5FN63L6RCAP CER 390PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk390pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S471K29X7RP63K5RS471K29X7RP63K5RCAP CER 470PF 2KV X7R RADIAL Bulk470pF±10%2000V (2kV)Radial, Disc
S151K33SL0N63L6RS151K33SL0N63L6RCAP CER 150PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk150pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S470K25SL0N63L6RS470K25SL0N63L6RCAP CER 47PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk47pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102M33Z5UR63K7RS102M33Z5UR63K7RCAP CER 1000PF 3KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk1000pF±20%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S221K25X5FN63L6RS221K25X5FN63L6RCAP CER 220PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk220pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S332K47X7RN63J7RS332K47X7RN63J7RCAP CER 3300PF 1KV X7R RADIAL Bulk3300pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S681K29X7RN63L6RS681K29X7RN63L6RCAP CER 680PF 1KV X7R RADIAL Bulk680pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S331K25X5FN63L6RS331K25X5FN63L6RCAP CER 330PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk330pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S103K75Y5PN83K0RS103K75Y5PN83K0RCAP CER 10000PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk10000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102M33Z5UR63L6RS102M33Z5UR63L6RCAP CER 1000PF 3KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk1000pF±20%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S103K75Y5PN83J0RS103K75Y5PN83J0RCAP CER 10000PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Bulk10000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S503Z69Z5UL63L0RS503Z69Z5UL63L0RCAP CER 0.05UF 500V Z5U RADIAL Bulk0.05µF-20%, +80%500VRadial, Disc
S680K29SL0N63J5RS680K29SL0N63J5RCAP CER 68PF 1KV SL RADIAL Bulk68pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S152M69Z5UU83L0RS152M69Z5UU83L0RCAP CER 1500PF 6KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk1500pF±20%6000V (6kV)Radial, Disc
S102K29X5FN63L6RS102K29X5FN63L6RCAP CER 1000PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Bulk1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S103M47Z5UN63J7RS103M47Z5UN63J7RCAP CER 10000PF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk10000pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S202M29Z5UN63L6RS202M29Z5UN63L6RCAP CER 2000PF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk2000pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S103M47Z5UN63L0RS103M47Z5UN63L0RCAP CER 10000PF 1KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk10000pF±20%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S151K29S3NN63L6RS151K29S3NN63L6RCAP CER 150PF 1KV S3N RADIAL Bulk150pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S221M33Z5UR63L6RS221M33Z5UR63L6RCAP CER 220PF 3KV Z5U RADIAL Bulk220pF±20%3000V (3kV)Radial, Disc
S101K29SL0N6UJ5RS101K29SL0N6UJ5RCAP CER 100PF 1KV SL RADIAL Cut Tape (CT)100pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102K29Y5PN6TJ5RS102K29Y5PN6TJ5RCAP CER 1000PF 1KV Y5P RADIAL Tape & Reel (TR)1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S101K29SL0N6TK5RS101K29SL0N6TK5RCAP CER 100PF 1KV SL RADIAL Tape & Reel (TR)100pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc
S102K29X5FN6TJ5RS102K29X5FN6TJ5RCAP CER 1000PF 1KV X5F RADIAL Tape & Reel (TR)1000pF±10%1000V (1kV)Radial, Disc

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