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Stewart Connector
Point Five Series
Stewart Connector
S-RJFTV Series
Stewart Connector
SealJack™ Series
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S-RJFTV Series

Round Cable, Plug to Plug, Shielded, Category 5e, Industrial Environments - IP68, Modular Cable Assemblies

Stewart Connector

Stewart Connector’s RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments. A unique design reduces the footprint to the markets smallest, size 17 which can be used to transmit 1G Base-T Ethernet.

  • EMI protection with shielded cable
  • Minimum of 500 mating cycles
  • Sealed to IP68
  • Harsh Environment Connectivity
  • Military Communication
  • Railway
  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewable Energy Industry
  • Cable Type:Round Cable
  • Color:Black
  • Connector Type:Plug to Plug
  • Features:Circular Bayonet Coupling, Molded Plugs
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Number of Positions/Contacts:8p8c (RJ45, Ethernet)
  • Shielding:Shielded
  • Style:Cat5e, Industrial Environments - IP68

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S-RJFTV5E1706MN10S-RJFTV5E1706MN10CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 3.28' Round CablePlug to PlugFree Hanging (In-Line)8p8c (RJ45, Ethernet)RoHS
S-RJFTV5E1706MN15S-RJFTV5E1706MN15CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 4.92' Round CablePlug to PlugFree Hanging (In-Line)8p8c (RJ45, Ethernet)RoHS
S-RJFTV5E1706MN03S-RJFTV5E1706MN03CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 0.98' Round CablePlug to PlugFree Hanging (In-Line)8p8c (RJ45, Ethernet)RoHS
S-RJFTV5E1706MN05S-RJFTV5E1706MN05CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 1.64' Round CablePlug to PlugFree Hanging (In-Line)8p8c (RJ45, Ethernet)RoHS

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