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Stackpole Electronics Inc
CSR Series
Stackpole Electronics Inc
RMCF Series
TE Connectivity Passive Product
3520, CGS Series
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RMCF Series

1/10W, 1/16W, 1/20W, 1/4W and 1/8W, 1% and 5% Tolerance, Surface Mount, Thick Film Resistor Kits

Stackpole Electronics Inc

A selection of general purpose resistor kits conveniently packaged in a notebook for easy access. Values are in 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes.

  • Nickel Barrier terminations standard
  • Power derating from 100% at 70°C to zero at 155°C
  • Zero ohm available (max resistance 0.05O)
  • Kit Type:Thick Film
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount

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KIT-RMCF0402JT-13KIT-RMCF0402JT-13RESISTR KIT 1K-91K 1/16W 1440PCSThick Film1k ~ 91k1/16W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805JT-14KIT-RMCF0805JT-14RESISTR KIT 100K-10M 1/8W 960PCSThick Film100k ~ 10M1/8W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206JT-14KIT-RMCF1206JT-14RESISTR KIT 100K-10M 1/4W 960PCSThick Film100k ~ 10M1/4W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805FT-03KIT-RMCF0805FT-03RESISTR KIT 100-976 1/8W 1920PCSThick Film100 ~ 9761/8W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206FT-03KIT-RMCF1206FT-03RESISTR KIT 100-976 1/4W 1920PCSThick Film100 ~ 9761/4W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805FT-02KIT-RMCF0805FT-02RESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/8W 1920PCSThick Film10 ~ 97.61/8W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206FT-02KIT-RMCF1206FT-02RESISTR KIT 10-97.6 1/4W 1920PCSThick Film10 ~ 97.61/4W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402JT-12KIT-RMCF0402JT-12RESISTR KIT 10-910 1/16W 1440PCSThick Film10 ~ 9101/16W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805JT-13KIT-RMCF0805JT-13RESISTOR KIT 1K-91K 1/8W 960PCS Thick Film1k ~ 91k1/8W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206JT-13KIT-RMCF1206JT-13RESISTOR KIT 1K-91K 1/4W 960PCS Thick Film1k ~ 91k1/4W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603JT-13KIT-RMCF0603JT-13RESISTOR KIT 1K-91K 1/10W 960PCSThick Film1k ~ 91k1/10W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805JT-12KIT-RMCF0805JT-12RESISTOR KIT 10-910 1/8W 960PCS Thick Film10 ~ 9101/8W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206JT-12KIT-RMCF1206JT-12RESISTOR KIT 10-910 1/4W 960PCS Thick Film10 ~ 9101/4W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603JT-12KIT-RMCF0603JT-12RESISTOR KIT 10-910 1/10W 960PCSThick Film10 ~ 9101/10W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805FT-04KIT-RMCF0805FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/8W 1920PCS Thick Film1k ~ 9.76k1/8W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206FT-04KIT-RMCF1206FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/4W 1920PCS Thick Film1k ~ 9.76k1/4W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0201FT-04KIT-RMCF0201FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/20W 2880PCS Thick Film1k ~ 9.76k1/20W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402FT-04KIT-RMCF0402FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/16W 2880PCS Thick Film1k ~ 9.76k1/16W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603FT-04KIT-RMCF0603FT-04RES KIT 1K-9.76K 1/10W 1920PCS Thick Film1k ~ 9.76k1/10W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805FT-05KIT-RMCF0805FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/8W 1920PCS Thick Film10k ~ 97.6k1/8W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206FT-05KIT-RMCF1206FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/4W 1920PCS Thick Film10k ~ 97.6k1/4W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0201FT-05KIT-RMCF0201FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/20W 2880PCS Thick Film10k ~ 97.6k1/20W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402FT-05KIT-RMCF0402FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/16W 2880PCS Thick Film10k ~ 97.6k1/16W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603FT-05KIT-RMCF0603FT-05RES KIT 10K-97.6K 1/10W 1920PCS Thick Film10k ~ 97.6k1/10W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0805FT-06KIT-RMCF0805FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/8W 1920PCS Thick Film100k ~ 976k1/8W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF1206FT-06KIT-RMCF1206FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/4W 1920PCS Thick Film100k ~ 976k1/4W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0201FT-06KIT-RMCF0201FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/20W 2880PCS Thick Film100k ~ 976k1/20W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402FT-06KIT-RMCF0402FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/16W 2880PCS Thick Film100k ~ 976k1/16W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603FT-06KIT-RMCF0603FT-06RES KIT 100K-976K 1/10W 1920PCS Thick Film100k ~ 976k1/10W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603JT-14KIT-RMCF0603JT-14RES KIT 100K-10M 1/10W 960PCS Thick Film100k ~ 10M1/10W±5%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0201FT-03KIT-RMCF0201FT-03RES KIT 100-976 1/20W 2880PCS Thick Film100 ~ 9761/20W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402FT-03KIT-RMCF0402FT-03RES KIT 100-976 1/16W 2880PCS Thick Film100 ~ 9761/16W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603FT-03KIT-RMCF0603FT-03RES KIT 100-976 1/10W 1920PCS Thick Film100 ~ 9761/10W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0201FT-02KIT-RMCF0201FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/20W 2880PCS Thick Film10 ~ 97.61/20W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0402FT-02KIT-RMCF0402FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/16W 2880PCS Thick Film10 ~ 97.61/16W±1%RoHS
KIT-RMCF0603FT-02KIT-RMCF0603FT-02RES KIT 10-97.6 1/10W 1920PCS Thick Film10 ~ 97.61/10W±1%RoHS

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Stackpole Electronics Inc RMCF Series
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