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ebm-papst Inc.
RL90DC Series
ebm-papst Inc.
RLF100 Series
ebm-papst Inc.
RLF35 Series
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RLF100 Series

DC Centrifugal Compact Fan, Blower Flatpak, 12V - 24V

ebm-papst Inc.

Very flat and high performance centrifugal fan. Pressure optimized blower. Scroll housing and impeller made of fiberglass reinforced plastic; housing base made of galvanized sheet steel.

  • Housing base made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Electronic commutation completely integrated
  • Protected against reverse polarity and locking
  • Direction of air flow: axial air intake, centrifugal air exhaust out of the outlet
  • Ball bearing
  • Bearing Type:Ball
  • Fan Type:Blower, Centrifugal
  • Operating Temperature:-4 ~ 167°F (-20 ~ 75°C)
  • Power (Watts):8W ~ 8.6W
  • RPM:5100 RPM
  • Size / Dimension:Square/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H
  • Termination:2 Wire Leads ~ 3 Wire Leads
  • Voltage - Rated:12VDC ~ 48VDC
  • Width:25.00mm ~ 25.40mm

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RLF100-11/12RLF100-11/12FAN BLOWER 127X25.4MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H25.40mm37.7 CFM (1.06m³/min)RoHS
RLF100-11/12/2RLF100-11/12/2DC FLATPAK - RADIAL BLOWER 12VDCSquare/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H25.00mm24.2 CFM (0.678m³/min)RoHS
RLF100-11/14/19RLF100-11/14/19FAN BLOWER 127X25.4MM BALL 24VDC24VDCSquare/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H25.40mm37.7 CFM (1.06m³/min)RoHS
RLF100-11/14RLF100-11/14FAN BLOWER 127X25.4MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H25.40mm37.7 CFM (1.06m³/min)RoHS
RLF100-11/18RLF100-11/18FAN BLOWER 48VDCSquare/Rounded - 127mm L x 127mm H25.40mm37.7 CFM (1.06m³/min)

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