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M/A-Com Technology Solutions
Microsemi Power Products Group


N-Channel MOSFET

M/A-Com Technology Solutions

MACOM offers a broad range of RF power transistor products--discrete devices, modules, and pallets from 1 MHz to 3.5 GHz. Their high power transistors are ideal for avionics, communications, radar, and industrial, scientific, and medical applications. MACOM uses gold metallization as well as aluminum fabrication processes. Their engineering team can help solve your unique requirements with custom solutions.

  • Current - Test:25mA ~ 2A
  • Current Rating (Amps):1mA ~ 60A
  • Packaging:Tray
  • Power - Output:4W ~ 600W
  • Voltage - Rated:65V ~ 125V
  • Voltage - Test:28V ~ 50V

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MRF141GMRF141GFET RF 2CH 65V 175MHZ 375-04 2 N-Channel (Dual) Common Source175MHz14dB28V375-04RoHS
MRF275GMRF275GFET RF 2CH 65V 500MHZ 375-04 2 N-Channel (Dual) Common Source500MHz11.2dB28V375-04RoHS
UF28150JUF28150JMOSFET 150W 28V 100-500MHZ 2 N-Channel (Dual)100MHz ~ 500MHz8dB28V-RoHS
MRF157MRF157FET RF 125V 80MHZ 368-03 1=1PC N-Channel80MHz21dB50V368-03RoHS
MRF136MRF136FET RF 65V 400MHZ 211-07 N-Channel400MHz16dB28V211-07RoHS
MRF148AMRF148AFET RF 120V 175MHZ 211-07 N-Channel30MHz ~ 175MHz15dB ~ 18dB50V211-07RoHS
MRF137MRF137FET RF 65V 400MHZ 211-07 N-Channel150MHz ~ 400MHz7.7dB ~ 16dB28V211-07RoHS
MRF151AMRF151AFET RF N-CH 50V 150W P-244 N-Channel30MHz ~ 175MHz13dB ~ 22dB50VP-244RoHS
MRF174MRF174FET RF 65V 150MHZ 211-11 N-Channel150MHz11.8dB28V211-11, Style 2RoHS
MRF154MRF154FET RF 125V 100MHZ 368-03 N-Channel2MHz ~ 100MHz17dB50V368-03RoHS
MRF160MRF160FET RF 65V 500MHZ 249-06 N-Channel30MHz ~ 500MHz18dB28V249-06RoHS
MRF171AMRF171AFET RF 65V 200MHZ 211-07 N-Channel30MHz ~ 200MHz19.5dB28V211-07RoHS
MRF166CMRF166CFET RF 65V 500MHZ 319-07 N-Channel30MHz ~ 500MHz16dB28V319-07RoHS
UF2820PUF2820PMOSFET 20W 28V 100-500MHZ N-Channel100MHz ~ 500MHz10dB28V-RoHS
UF2840GUF2840GMOSFET 40W 28V 100-500MHZ N-Channel100MHz ~ 500MHz10dB28V-RoHS

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