Triad Magnetics Triad Magnetics RCK

RC Series

Rod Core Inductor Kit

Triad Magnetics

A selection of inductors conveniently packaged in a plastic box, with bin guide, for easy selection.

  • Features:Rod Core
  • Inductance Range:75┬ÁH ~ 5.6mH
  • Kit Type:Fixed
  • Material - Core:Ferrite
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Packages Included:Radial
  • Quantity:11 Pieces (11 Values - 1 Each)
  • Style:Wirewound
RCKRCKKIT INDUCTOR ROD CORE RC SERIES FixedWirewoundFerrite11 Pieces (11 Values - 1 Each)RoHS
Associated Product
Triad Magnetics RC-9
Category: Passives-Inductors, Coils, Chokes-Fixed-Wirewound-Through Hole