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Amphenol Industrial Operations
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Amphenol Industrial Operations
RADSOK® Series
Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
Contacts for PRM Series
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RADSOK® Series

RADSOK® Series Connector Contacts

Amphenol Industrial Operations

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is a connection system family with 1.5mm socket contacts featuring Amphenol’s exclusive RADSOK® contact system.

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Product Description

The new Tru-Loc connector series is designed to perform in demanding environments, such as under valve covers on diesel engines and in high vibration sensor applications. Tru-Loc features a molded thermoplastic main plug body with secondary latch and a fluoroelastomer main joint seal that is resistant to many fluids, including diesel fuel. The Tru-Loc series includes 2-way, 4-way, and 6-way inline plugs and receptacles. Our engineering team can also design this series to mate to a device, sensor, fuel injector, splitter, pass through connector, and more. Special backshells can be designed for the 6-way series, and we can meet 150°C temperatures upon request. These connection systems are RoHS compliant and seal to IP67 when mated. They are rated for high vibrations at 32 Grms.

  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Type:Stamped
  • Wire Gauge:16-18 AWG ~ 18-20 AWG

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10-730179-00210-730179-002CONN SOCKET 18-20AWG CRIMP GOLD StampedSocketCrimp18-20 AWGRoHS
10-730764-00210-730764-002CONN PIN 18-20AWG CRIMP GOLD StampedPinCrimp18-20 AWGRoHS
10-730605-00210-730605-002CONN SOCKET 16-18AWG CRIMP GOLD StampedSocketCrimp16-18 AWGRoHS
10-707515-00210-707515-002CONN PIN 16-18AWG CRIMP GOLD StampedPinCrimp16-18 AWGRoHS

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