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R-REF03-CAN1 Reference Board
Renesas Electronics America Inc.
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R-REF03-CAN1 Reference Board

R-REF03-CAN1 Reference Board for the ISO1042 Isolated CAN Transceiver

Recom Power

The R-REF03-CAN1 Reference Board demonstrates the ISO1042 isolated CAN transceiver supplied by the R1SX-3.305/H isolated DC/DC converter. To supply the reference board only one 3.3V external supply is required. The green LED indicates the presence of the VCC2 supply on the secondary (CAN bus) side. The reference board allows designers to quickly develop and analyze isolated systems. The reference board is pre-configured with a “split” termination network (R2 and R4) with a common-mode capacitance and additional caps (C7, C8 and C9) on the CAN bus for protection. It also includes an option to populate a 120-Ω resistor R3 which can be used with the EVM as a terminated line end (CAN is defined for 120Ω impedance twisted pair cable). Protection components like TVS diodes (D1) and common code (CM) choke (L1) are also provided with bypass paths if necessary. Using these options, the customer is allowed installation of the desired components.

  • Function:CANbus
  • Primary Attributes:Isolated
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Type:Interface
  • Utilized IC / Part:ISO1042, R1SX‐3.305/H