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American Electrical Inc.
Progress® MS EMC easyCONNECT Series
American Electrical Inc.
Progress® MS Series
American Electrical Inc.
Progress® NPT Series

Progress® MS Series

Cable Glands Nickel-Plated Brass

American Electrical Inc.

One piece sealing insert

Product Description
  • Wider domed nut cannot be over-tightened - The wide dome design allows space for the neoprene seal to form a tight grip on the cable, forming an IP68 barrier.
  • Generous deep flats - The deep flats allow enough room for the proper wrench to tighten or loosen the cable grip without the wrench coming off.
  • Spacer - A small spacer exists between the domed nut and the locking collet, providing an additional seal when fully tightened.
  • Neoprene rubber seal - This seal grips around the cable to form the IP68 barrier when properly tightened.
  • Staggered webs - The web design is staggered to allow for seal conformity around the cable to maximize the pull out resistance and protection against the elements.
  • Sprung webs - The webs are designed so that they will spring back to their original open position making installation easy while maintaining the seal quality.
  • Retention springs for domed nut - The Tight Seal design allows the domed nut to lock with the collet before any threads are engaged. This guards against misthreads as well as aids in the installation process.
  • Sealing lip -The collet design incorporates a sealing lip which provides for a positive seal against the enclosure.
  • Anti-Twist Cable Locking Collet - The entire design of the ‘Tight Seal’ product line insures that cables will not twist or turn once locked down.
  • Color:Silver
  • Ingress Protection:IP68/IP69K - Dust Tight, Water Resistant, Waterproof
  • Material:Brass, Nickel Plated
  • Type:Cable Gland

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1100.08.0501100.08.050CABLE GLAND 3.5-5MM M8 BRASS Cable Gland0.14" ~ 0.20" (3.5mm ~ 5.0mm)M8x1.25-RoHS
1100.10.0601100.10.060CABLE GLAND 4-6MM M10 BRASS Cable Gland0.16" ~ 0.24" (4.0mm ~ 6.0mm)M10x1.5-RoHS
1100.06.0351100.06.035CABLE GLAND 3-3.5MM M6 BRASS Cable Gland0.12" ~ 0.14" (3.0mm ~ 3.5mm)M6x1-RoHS
1100.06.0301100.06.030CABLE GLAND 2.5-3MM M6 BRASS Cable Gland0.10" ~ 0.12" (2.5mm ~ 3.0mm)M6x1-RoHS
1100.10.0401100.10.040CABLE GLAND 3-4MM M10 BRASS Cable Gland0.12" ~ 0.16" (3.0mm ~ 4.0mm)M10x1.5-RoHS
1100.12.0801100.12.080CABLE GLAND 6.5-8MM M12 BRASS Cable Gland0.26" ~ 0.31" (6.5mm ~ 8.0mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1100.08.0351100.08.035CABLE GLAND 2.5-3.5MM M8 BRASS Cable Gland0.10" ~ 0.14" (2.5mm ~ 3.5mm)M8x1.25-RoHS
1100.11.1201100.11.120CABLE GLAND 8.5-12MM PG11 BRASS Cable Gland0.33" ~ 0.47" (8.5mm ~ 12.0mm)PG11-RoHS
1100.06.0251100.06.025CABLE GLAND 2-2.5MM M6 BRASS Cable Gland0.08" ~ 0.10" (2.0mm ~ 2.5mm)M6x1-RoHS
1100.12.0501100.12.050CABLE GLAND 3.5-5MM M12 BRASS Cable Gland0.14" ~ 0.20" (3.5mm ~ 5.0mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1100.07.0801100.07.080CABLE GLAND 6.5-8MM PG7 BRASS Cable Gland0.26" ~ 0.31" (6.5mm ~ 8.0mm)PG7-RoHS
1100.09.1051100.09.105CABLE GLAND 8-10.5MM PG9 BRASS Cable Gland0.31" ~ 0.41" (8.0mm ~ 10.5mm)PG9-RoHS
1100.17.0801100.17.080CABLE GLAND 6-8MM M16 BRASS Cable Gland0.24" ~ 0.31" (6.0mm ~ 8.0mm)M16x1.5-RoHS
1100.17.0601100.17.060CABLE GLAND 4.5-6MM M16 BRASS Cable Gland0.18" ~ 0.24" (4.5mm ~ 6.0mm)M16x1.5-RoHS
1100.17.1051100.17.105CABLE GLAND 8-10.5MM M16 BRASS Cable Gland0.31" ~ 0.41" (8.0mm ~ 10.5mm)M16x1.5-RoHS
1100.13.0801100.13.080CABLE GLAND 6-8MM PG13 BRASS Cable Gland0.24" ~ 0.31" (6.0mm ~ 8.0mm)PG13-RoHS
1100.13.1501100.13.150CABLE GLAND 11-15MM PG13 BRASS Cable Gland0.43" ~ 0.59" (11.0mm ~ 15.0mm)PG13-RoHS
1100.07.0651100.07.065CABLE GLAND 5-6.5MM PG7 BRASS Cable Gland0.20" ~ 0.26" (5.0mm ~ 6.5mm)PG7-RoHS
1100.09.0801100.09.080CABLE GLAND 6-8MM PG9 BRASS Cable Gland0.24" ~ 0.31" (6.0mm ~ 8.0mm)PG9-RoHS
1100.12.0651100.12.065CABLE GLAND 5-6.5MM M12 BRASS Cable Gland0.20" ~ 0.26" (5.0mm ~ 6.5mm)M12x1.5-RoHS
1100.07.0501100.07.050CABLE GLAND 3.5-5MM PG7 BRASS Cable Gland0.14" ~ 0.20" (3.5mm ~ 5.0mm)PG7-RoHS
1100.09.0451100.09.045CABLE GLAND 3.5-4.5MM PG9 BRASS Cable Gland0.14" ~ 0.18" (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm)PG9-RoHS
1100.09.0601100.09.060CABLE GLAND 4.5-6MM PG9 BRASS Cable Gland0.18" ~ 0.24" (4.5mm ~ 6.0mm)PG9-RoHS
1100.11.0851100.11.085CABLE GLAND 5.5-8.5MM PG11 BRASSCable Gland0.22" ~ 0.33" (5.5mm ~ 8.5mm)PG11-RoHS

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American Electrical Inc. 8000.10
Category: Interconnect, Wire-Cable, Wire Management-Accessories