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PowerHap™ Actuator Evaluation Kits

Evaluation Kit for PowerHap™ Piezo Actuators


Part Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 7 is designed to drive up to five PowerHap™. Part Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 1 can drive a single PowerHap™ actuator at a time.

  • Function:Motor Controller/Driver, Haptic/Vibration
  • Type:Power Management

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Z63000Z2910Z  1Z 1Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 1POWERHAP EVAL BRD VER2 1-CHANNELPower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, Haptic/Vibration--RoHS
Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 7Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 7POWERHAP EVAL BRD VER1 5-CHANNELPower ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, Haptic/Vibration--RoHS
Z63000Z2910Z1Z44Z63000Z2910Z1Z44POWERHAP 60V BRD BOREAS BOS1901 Power ManagementMotor Controller/Driver, Haptic/Vibration--RoHS

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Associated Product
EPCOS Z63000Z2910Z 1Z 2
Category: Electromechanical-Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards, Modules-Motors - AC, DC