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Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
PowerBOSSlite™ M35 Series
Amphenol Sine Systems Corp
PowerBOSS™ M29 Series
Amphenol Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies
M12 Cable Assembly

PowerBOSS™ M29 Series

Circular Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Sine Systems Corp

PowerBOSS™ M29 are ideally suited for quick connection of distributed motor controllers, industrial automation applications in which power requirements are exposed to long-term physical stresses, and subjected to liquids or oils. These IP68 protection class connectors provide an alternative to “hard-wiring” ensuring consistent, low resistance connection points reducing downtime, easier maintenance, and increased safety.

  • Compact M29 (1.14”) sizing minimizes panel space and wiring requirements
  • Molded key indicator ensures keyway alignment of mating connector
  • Superior receptacle to wire leads epoxy potting ensures reliability by preventing conductor pull-out
  • High performance, long-lasting plating that maintains low resistance through repeated mate/unmate cycles
  • 1st Connector Number of Positions:4 ~ 4 (Power)
  • 1st Connector Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • 1st Connector Orientation:Keyed
  • 1st Connector Shell Size - Insert:M29
  • 1st Connector Type:Receptacle
  • Assembly Configuration:Standard
  • Usage:Industrial Environments

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P31387-M1P31387-M1CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 3.28' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M5P31387-M5CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 16.4' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31407-M1P31407-M1CBL 4POS MALE TO WIRE 3.28' ReceptacleMale Pins4 (Power)AllRoHS
P31443-M1P31443-M1CBL 4POS FMALE TO WIRE 3.28' ReceptacleFemale Sockets4 (Power)AllRoHS
P31387-M2P31387-M2CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 6.56' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M3P31387-M3CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 9.84' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M7P31387-M7CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 23' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M10P31387-M10CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 32.8' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M13P31387-M13CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 42.7' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
P31387-M15P31387-M15CBL 4POS MALE TO FMALE 49.2' ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS

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