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Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies
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Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies

BF4M Series Active Optical Connector

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

Hirose developed the micro "BF4MC connector" that enables optical transmission of data between boards that are incorporated in devices. It converts an electrical signal that is received from a board by using the semiconductor component built-in the connector and transfers the data via optical fiber. BF4MC connector is a revolutionary design that enables easy use of electromagnetic noise-free, insulated, long-distance, high-speed transmission. These are the merits of the optical transmission, mounted inside devices achieving dramatic downsizing and lower power consumption when compared to existing optical products. It can be used in a wide range of applications, medic appliances, measurement equipment, FA system etc.

  • Cable Termination:Solder
  • Color:Red, Individual (Round)
  • Connector Type:Plug to Plug
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Number of Positions:14
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Connector:0.020" (0.50mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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BF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-5MBF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-5MHGH SPD OPTCL TRANS CBL 5M Plug to Plug1420.020" (0.50mm)RoHS
BF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-75MMBF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-75MMHGH SPD OPTCL TRANS CBL 75M Plug to Plug1420.020" (0.50mm)RoHS
BF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-1MBF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-1MCABLE BF4 TRANS PLUG 1M Plug to Plug1420.020" (0.50mm)RoHS
BF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-3MBF4MC-6GTXRX-B1-3MHGH SPD OPTCL TRANS CBL 3M Plug to Plug1420.020" (0.50mm)RoHS

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