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Hirose Electric Co Ltd
Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies
JST Sales America Inc.
Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies
3-Wire Male to Male Cable - 15 cm
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Plug to Plug Cable Assemblies

Dual Row, Rectangular Cable Assemblies

JST Sales America Inc.

  • Cable Termination:IDC
  • Color:White, Individual
  • Connector Type:Plug to Plug
  • Contact Finish:Tin
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 8
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch - Connector:0.079" (2.00mm)
A02DS02DS28W51BA02DS02DS28W51BJUMPER 02DS-8E - 02DS-8E 2" Plug to Plug210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A02DS02DS28W152BA02DS02DS28W152BJUMPER 02DS-8E - 02DS-8E 6" Plug to Plug210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A02DS02DS28W305BA02DS02DS28W305BJUMPER 02DS-8E - 02DS-8E 12" Plug to Plug210.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04DS04DS28W51BA04DS04DS28W51BJUMPER 04DS-8E - 04DS-8E 2" Plug to Plug410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04DS04DS28W152BA04DS04DS28W152BJUMPER 04DS-8E - 04DS-8E 6" Plug to Plug410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A04DS04DS28W305BA04DS04DS28W305BJUMPER 04DS-8E - 04DS-8E 12" Plug to Plug410.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06DS06DS28W51BA06DS06DS28W51BJUMPER 06DS-8E - 06DS-8E 2" Plug to Plug610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06DS06DS28W152BA06DS06DS28W152BJUMPER 06DS-8E - 06DS-8E 6" Plug to Plug610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08DS08DS28W51BA08DS08DS28W51BJUMPER 08DS-8E - 08DS-8E 2" Plug to Plug810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A06DS06DS28W305BA06DS06DS28W305BJUMPER 06DS-8E - 06DS-8E 12" Plug to Plug610.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08DS08DS28W152BA08DS08DS28W152BJUMPER 08DS-8E - 08DS-8E 6" Plug to Plug810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS
A08DS08DS28W305BA08DS08DS28W305BJUMPER 08DS-8E - 08DS-8E 12" Plug to Plug810.079" (2.00mm)RoHS