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PicoBlade Surface Mount Series
PicoBlade Through Hole Series - Molex
PicoBlade Through Hole, Right Angle Series

PicoBlade Through Hole Series - Molex

0.049" (1.25mm) Pitch PicoBlade Through Hole Connector Headers


Molex's 0.049"" (1.25mm) pitch PicoBlade system is designed for high-density harness applications.

  • Applications:Automotive, General Purpose, Industrial, Medical
  • Connector Type:Header
  • Contact Finish - Mating:Tin
  • Contact Finish - Post:Tin
  • Contact Finish Thickness - Mating:35.4µin (0.90µm)
  • Contact Length - Mating:0.089" (2.25mm)
  • Contact Length - Post:0.091" (2.30mm)
  • Contact Material:Phosphor Bronze
  • Contact Shape:Rectangular
  • Contact Type:Male Blade
  • Fastening Type:Detent Lock
  • Insulation Color:Natural
  • Insulation Height:0.165" (4.20mm)
  • Insulation Material:Polyamide (PA66), Nylon 6/6
  • Material Flammability Rating:UL94 V-0
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 15
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch - Mating:0.049" (1.25mm)
  • Shrouding:Shrouded - 4 Wall
  • Style:Board to Cable/Wire
  • Termination:Solder

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05304702100530470210CONN HEADER VERT 2POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)2RoHS
05304703100530470310CONN HEADER VERT 3POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)3RoHS
05304704100530470410CONN HEADER VERT 4POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)4RoHS
05304705100530470510CONN HEADER VERT 5POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)5RoHS
05304706100530470610CONN HEADER VERT 6POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)6RoHS
05304708100530470810CONN HEADER VERT 8POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)8RoHS
05304707100530470710CONN HEADER VERT 7POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)7RoHS
05304710100530471010CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)10RoHS
05304712100530471210CONN HEADER VERT 12POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)12RoHS
05304709100530470910CONN HEADER VERT 9POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)9RoHS
05304711100530471110CONN HEADER VERT 11POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)11RoHS
05304713100530471310CONN HEADER VERT 13POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)13RoHS
05304715100530471510CONN HEADER VERT 15POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)15RoHS
05304714100530471410CONN HEADER VERT 14POS 1.25MM HeaderMale Blade0.049" (1.25mm)14RoHS

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