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PicoBlade 51021 Series
PicoBlade 51047 Series
Spot-On 1.5 Series
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PicoBlade 51047 Series

0.049" (1.25mm) Pitch PicoBlade Crimp Connector Housings


Molex's 0.049"" (1.25mm) pitch PicoBlade system is designed for high-density harness applications. PicoBlade provides the same 1.0 amperes of current as similar .079"" (2.00mm) pitch systems, but in a more compact design.

Product Description

PicoBlade is offered in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire options. The system saves about 45% of PCB space compared to typical 2.00mm wire-to-board systems. It is a single row system, available in 2 to 15 circuits, with both surface mount and through-hole headers.

A full range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual tooling is available to support crimp harness assembly using discrete wires.

  • Friction Lock: The crimp receptacle is equipped with two latching ramps so it is held securely to the header. This minimizes the chance of accidental unmating due to vibration or mishandling.
  • Reliable Terminal: The two-point contact design assures a reliable electrical connection even under conditions of low current, low voltage, and/or vibration.
  • Polarized Mating Geometry: The crimp receptacles are polarized to the vertical and right angle headers to prevent harness-to-header mis-mating.
  • Solder Tabs: The two solder tabs assure header-to-PCB retention and act as a strain relief for the SMT solder tails. This minimizes the chance of cracked solder joints due to mishandling.
  • Vacuum Caps: Optional vacuum caps for the vertical surface mount headers allow high volume placement using industry standard pick-up nozzles.
  • Embossed Tape Packaging: The embossed tape packaging allows high volume placement of surface mount headers on a PCB with vacuum pick and place equipment.
  • Automotive: Alarm Systems, Car Audio
  • Consumer: DVD Players, Set Top Boxes
  • Industrial Automation: Process controls
  • Medical: Patient Monitors
  • Color:Natural
  • Connector Type:Plug
  • Contact Termination:Crimp
  • Contact Type:Male Pin
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 4
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch:0.049" (1.25mm)

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051047020005104702002CKT 1.25MM W-W CONN PLUG HOUS PlugMale Pin20.049" (1.25mm)RoHS
051047040005104704001.25 W/W CONN PLUG HSG 4CKT PlugMale Pin40.049" (1.25mm)RoHS

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