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Pico-Clasp 15133 Series
Pico-EZMate™ Series
Pico-Lock Series

Pico-EZMate™ Series

1.20mm (.047”) Pitch Pico-EZmate™ Connectors


The Pico-EZmate™ system includes a secure friction lock between the receptacle housing and header, along with an audible click to ensure mating. The receptacle is mated vertically with the header, which enables easy placement in tight packaging applications. The system is available in 2- to 6-circuits and ideal for various applications such as mobile phones, notebook PCs, portable audio players and other compact mobile devices.

  • Cable Termination:Crimp
  • Connector Type:Socket to Socket
  • Contact Finish:Gold
  • Contact Finish Thickness:3.94µin (0.10µm)
  • Features:Latch Holder
  • Number of Positions:2 ~ 6
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Pitch - Connector:0.047" (1.20mm)
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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03692002000369200200PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 50MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692002030369200203PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 300MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692004020369200402PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 150MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692004030369200403PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 300MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692005000369200500PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 50MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692004060369200406PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 600MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692006010369200601PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 100MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692006030369200603PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 300MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692002060369200206PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 600MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692003030369200303PICOEZMATE 3 CIRCUIT 300MM Socket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)
03692004050369200405PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 450MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692006000369200600PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 50MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692005050369200505PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 450MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692006020369200602PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 150MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692005060369200506PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 600MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692006050369200605PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 450MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692006060369200606PICOEZMATE 6 CIRCUIT 600MM Socket to Socket610.047" (1.20mm)
03692002010369200201PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 100MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692004010369200401PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 100MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692002050369200205PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 450MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692003020369200302PICOEZMATE 3 CIRCUIT 150MM Socket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)
03692003010369200301PICOEZMATE 3 CIRCUIT 100MM Socket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)
03692003060369200306PICOEZMATE 3 CIRCUIT 600MM Socket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)
03692005010369200501PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 100MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692005020369200502PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 150MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692005030369200503PICOEZMATE 5 CIRCUIT 300MM Socket to Socket510.047" (1.20mm)
03692002020369200202PICOEZMATE 2 CIRCUIT 150MM Socket to Socket210.047" (1.20mm)
03692003000369200300PICOEZMATE 3 CIRCUIT 50MM Socket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)
03692004000369200400PICOEZMATE 4 CIRCUIT 50MM Socket to Socket410.047" (1.20mm)
03692003050369200305PICO-EZMATE CABLE ASSY 450MM 3POSocket to Socket310.047" (1.20mm)RoHS

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