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LMB Heeger Inc.
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LMB Heeger Inc.
PERF Boxes
LMB Heeger Inc.
Tite-Fit Series
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PERF Boxes

Perforated Aluminum Enclosures

LMB Heeger Inc.

LMB perforated boxes are scientifically precision perforated both to dissipate heat and give utmost shielding. Hardware is included.

  • Good heat dissipation
  • Provides excellent shielding
  • Color:Unpainted
  • Container Type:Chassis
  • Design:Perforated, U Shaped Pieces
  • Features:Vented Panels
  • Material:Metal, Aluminum
  • Shipping Info:Shipped from Digi-Key
  • Thickness:0.050" (1.27mm)

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PERF-145 PLAINPERF-145 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 7"L X 5"WChassis7.000" L x 5.000" W (177.80mm x 127.00mm)3.000" (76.20mm)35.0in² (226cm²)RoHS
PERF-146 PLAINPERF-146 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 8"L X 6"WChassis8.000" L x 6.000" W (203.20mm x 152.40mm)4.500" (114.30mm)48.0in² (310cm²)RoHS
PERF-138 PLAINPERF-138 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM 6.25"L X 3.5"W Chassis6.250" L x 3.500" W (158.75mm x 88.90mm)2.125" (53.98mm)21.9in² (141cm²)RoHS
PERF-141 PLAINPERF-141 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 6"L X 4"WChassis6.000" L x 4.000" W (152.40mm x 101.60mm)3.000" (76.20mm)24.0in² (155cm²)RoHS
PERF-142 PLAINPERF-142 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 6"L X 4"WChassis6.000" L x 4.000" W (152.40mm x 101.60mm)5.000" (127.00mm)24.0in² (155cm²)RoHS
PERF-144 PLAINPERF-144 PLAINBOX CHASS ALUM UNPTD 10"L X 4"W Chassis10.000" L x 4.000" W (254.00mm x 101.60mm)2.500" (63.50mm)40.0in² (258cm²)RoHS
PERF-101 PLAINPERF-101 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM 4.25"L X 2.25"WChassis4.250" L x 2.250" W (107.95mm x 57.15mm)1.250" (31.75mm)9.56in² (61.7cm²)RoHS
PERF-136 PLAINPERF-136 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM 5.25"L X 3"W Chassis5.250" L x 3.000" W (133.35mm x 76.20mm)2.125" (53.98mm)15.8in² (102cm²)RoHS
PERF-137 PLAINPERF-137 PLAINBOX CHASSIS ALUM UNPTD 8"L X 3"WChassis8.000" L x 3.000" W (203.20mm x 76.20mm)2.750" (69.85mm)24.0in² (155cm²)RoHS

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