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PAN1555 Evaluation Board DKSB1013A
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PAN1555 Evaluation Board DKSB1013A

DKSB1013A PAN1555 Bluetooth Breakout Board

Digi-Key Evaluation Boards

The DKSB1013A breakout board allows evaluation the PAN1555 Bluetooth module without soldering the module to your target PCB. It also adds Bluetooth communication or control to devices that are designed around XBee® modules from Digi-Key. The 2mm header positions are pin and geometrically compatible with XBee® modules.

Product Description

The LED D1 flashes when the unit is powered on, and is lit when a serial link is established (not when the unit is paired).

C2, C3, and U2 are intentionally unpopulated, as they are not needed when using the DKSB1013A as a drop-in replacement for an XBee® module. To use a five-volt supply on header P3, purchase and solder to the PCB an MCP1700T3302ETT voltage regulator and two 1µF ceramic 0805 capacitors.

The four-pin header P3 includes the four essential signals for the PAN1555. These signals are: Ground, 5VDC, Tx, and Rx. The included four pin header is intended for use in a solderless breadboard.

  • PAN1555 Bluetooth v2.0 class 2 module with Serial Port Profile
  • Header locations for solderless breadboard, XBee® socket, or 4-pin header for essential signals
  • Pin and geometry compatible with XBee® modules, including pins for 3VDC, Ground, Tx, Rx, CTS, RTS, Reset, and select ADC and GPIO signals
  • Optional linear regulator (MCP1700T-3302E/TT) to allow up to a 6VDC supply on header P3
  • For Use With/Related Products:PAN1555
  • Frequency:2.4GHz
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s), Accessories
  • Type:Transceiver; Bluetooth® Classic