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Central Semiconductor Corp
P-Channel JFETs
ON Semiconductor
P-Channel JFETs
P-Channel JFETs
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P-Channel JFETs

P-Channel JFET Chopper

ON Semiconductor

  • Current - Drain (Idss) @ Vds (Vgs=0):1.5mA ~ 7mA
  • Current Coupled to Voltage - Cutoff (VGS off) @ Id:1nA ~ 10nA
  • FET Type:P-Channel
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
  • Power - Max:225mW ~ 350mW
  • Resistance - RDS(On):125 Ohms ~ 300 Ohms
  • Voltage - Breakdown (V(BR)GSS):30V
  • Voltage - Cutoff (VGS off) @ Id:500mV ~ 3V
  • Voltage Coupled to Current - Drain (Idss) @ Vds (Vgs=0):15V

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MMBFJ177LT1GMMBFJ177LT1GJFET P-CH 30V 0.225W SOT23 P-Channel30V1.5mA15VTO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3RoHS
MMBFJ175LT1GMMBFJ175LT1GJFET P-CH 30V 0.225W SOT23 P-Channel30V7mA15VTO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3RoHS
MMBFJ270MMBFJ270JFET P-CH 30V 0.225W SOT23 P-Channel30V2mA15VTO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3RoHS
MMBFJ176MMBFJ176JFET P-CH 30V 0.225W SOT23 P-Channel30V2mA15VTO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3RoHS
J176-D74ZJ176-D74ZJFET P-CH 30V 0.35W TO92 P-Channel30V2mA15VTO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) (Formed Leads)RoHS
SMMBFJ177LT1GSMMBFJ177LT1GTRANS JFET P-CH SOT23 P-Channel30V1.5mA15VTO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3RoHS
J175-D26ZJ175-D26ZJFET P-CH 30V 0.35W TO92 P-Channel30V7mA15VTO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) (Formed Leads)RoHS

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