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OS-CON™, SVF Series
Panasonic Electronic Components
OS-CON™, SVP Series
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OS-CON™, SVF Series

High Voltage, Surface Mount, Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Panasonic Electronic Components

The OS-CON™, SVF Series features high voltage and large capacitance.

  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:10µF ~ 1000µF
  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance):12mOhm ~ 40mOhm
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:100kHz
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:120Hz
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:1000 Hrs @ 125°C
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Radial, Can - SMD
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:770mA ~ 4.3A
  • Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:38.5mA ~ 215mA
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Type:Polymer
  • Voltage - Rated:16V ~ 50V

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16SVF1000M16SVF1000MCAP ALUM POLY 1000UF 20% 16V SMDPolymer1000µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
16SVF82M16SVF82MCAP ALUM POLY 82UF 20% 16V SMD Polymer82µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
20SVF56M20SVF56MCAP ALUM POLY 56UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer56µF±20%20VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF27M25SVF27MCAP ALUM POLY 27UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer27µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF56M25SVF56MCAP ALUM POLY 56UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer56µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF47M25SVF47MCAP ALUM POLY 47UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer47µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
50SVF10M50SVF10MCAP ALUM POLY 10UF 20% 50V SMD Polymer10µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF82M25SVF82MCAP ALUM POLY 82UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer82µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
35SVF39M35SVF39MCAP ALUM POLY 39UF 20% 35V SMD Polymer39µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
20SVF180M20SVF180MCAP ALUM POLY 180UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer180µF±20%20VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
16SVF270M16SVF270MCAP ALUM POLY 270UF 20% 16V SMD Polymer270µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
50SVF18M50SVF18MCAP ALUM POLY 18UF 20% 50V SMD Polymer18µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF180M25SVF180MCAP ALUM POLY 180UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer180µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
16SVF560M16SVF560MCAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 16V SMD Polymer560µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
20SVF560M20SVF560MCAP ALUM POLY 560UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer560µF±20%20VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF330M25SVF330MCAP ALUM POLY 330UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer330µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
50SVF68M50SVF68MCAP ALUM POLY 68UF 20% 50V SMD Polymer68µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
20SVF390M20SVF390MCAP ALUM POLY 390UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer390µF±20%20VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
16SVF180M16SVF180MCAP ALUM POLY 180UF 20% 16V SMD Polymer180µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
20SVF120M20SVF120MCAP ALUM POLY 120UF 20% 20V SMD Polymer120µF±20%20VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
35SVF22M35SVF22MCAP ALUM POLY 22UF 20% 35V SMD Polymer22µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
25SVF100M25SVF100MCAP ALUM POLY 100UF 20% 25V SMD Polymer100µF±20%25VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
35SVF82M35SVF82MCAP ALUM POLY 82UF 20% 35V SMD Polymer82µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
16SVF1000MX16SVF1000MXOS-CON SMD, 16V 1000UF 125C 1000Polymer1000µF±20%16VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
50SVF39M50SVF39MCAP ALUM POLY 39UF 20% 50V SMD Polymer39µF±20%50VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS
35SVF120M35SVF120MCAP ALUM POLY 120UF 20% 35V SMD Polymer120µF±20%35VRadial, Can - SMDRoHS

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