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United Chemi-Con
KVD Series
United Chemi-Con
NTD Series
Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
HOTcap™ Series

NTD Series

High Ripple Current, Long Life, Dipped Radial Leaded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

United Chemi-Con

The NTD Series is a dipped radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor with a wide capacitance range.

  • Superior humidity characteristic and long life
  • Excellent high frequency characteristic due to low ESR
  • High rated ripple current
  • Small in size and wide capacitance range
  • Smoothing circuit of switching mode AC-DC or DC-DC converter
  • Noise suppressor for various kinds of equipments
  • By-pass or decoupling circuits
  • Automotive equipments
  • Applications:SMPS Filtering
  • Capacitance:.47µF ~ 220µF
  • Lead Style:Straight
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:Radial
  • Temperature Coefficient:X7R
  • Tolerance:±20%
  • Voltage - Rated:25V ~ 500V
KTD501B474M55A0T00KTD501B474M55A0T00CAP CER 0.47UF 500V X7R RADIAL .47µF±20%500VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD501B564M55A0T00KTD501B564M55A0T00CAP CER 0.56UF 500V X7R RADIAL .56µF±20%500VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD501B684M76A0T00KTD501B684M76A0T00CAP CER 0.68UF 500V X7R RADIAL .68µF±20%500VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD501B105M76A0T00KTD501B105M76A0T00CAP CER 1UF 500V X7R RADIAL 1µF±20%500VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B105M55A0T00KTD251B105M55A0T00CAP CER 1UF 250V X7R RADIAL 1µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD501B125M76A0T00KTD501B125M76A0T00CAP CER 1.2UF 500V X7R RADIAL 1.2µF±20%500VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B155M55A0T00KTD251B155M55A0T00CAP CER 1.5UF 250V X7R RADIAL 1.5µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B225M76A0T00KTD251B225M76A0T00CAP CER 2.2UF 250V X7R RADIAL 2.2µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B225M80A0B00KTD251B225M80A0B00CAP CER 2.2UF 250V X7R RADIAL 2.2µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B335M90A0B00KTD251B335M90A0B00CAP CER 3.3UF 250V X7R RADIAL 3.3µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B475M90A0B00KTD251B475M90A0B00CAP CER 4.7UF 250V X7R RADIAL 4.7µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B685M99A0B00KTD251B685M99A0B00CAP CER 6.8UF 250V X7R RADIAL 6.8µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B106M99A0B00KTD251B106M99A0B00CAP CER 10UF 250V X7R RADIAL 10µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD500B106M55A0T00KTD500B106M55A0T00CAP CER 10UF 50V X7R RADIAL 10µF±20%50VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD250B106M43A0B00KTD250B106M43A0B00CAP CER 10UF 25V X7R RADIAL 10µF±20%25VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B156M80A0B00KTD101B156M80A0B00CAP CER 15UF 100V X7R RADIAL 15µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD251B156M99A0B00KTD251B156M99A0B00CAP CER 15UF 250V X7R RADIAL 15µF±20%250VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B226M90A0B00KTD101B226M90A0B00CAP CER 22UF 100V X7R RADIAL 22µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B336M90A0B00KTD101B336M90A0B00CAP CER 33UF 100V X7R RADIAL 33µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B476M99A0B00KTD101B476M99A0B00CAP CER 47UF 100V X7R RADIAL 47µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD500B686M90A0B00KTD500B686M90A0B00CAP CER 68UF 50V X7R RADIAL 68µF±20%50VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B686M99A0B00KTD101B686M99A0B00CAP CER 68UF 100V X7R RADIAL 68µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD500B107M90A0B00KTD500B107M90A0B00CAP CER 100UF 50V X7R RADIAL 100µF±20%50VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD101B107M99A0B00KTD101B107M99A0B00CAP CER 100UF 100V X7R RADIAL 100µF±20%100VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD500B157M99A0B00KTD500B157M99A0B00CAP CER 150UF 50V X7R RADIAL 150µF±20%50VX7RRadialRoHS
KTD500B227M99A0B00KTD500B227M99A0B00CAP CER 220UF 50V X7R RADIAL 220µF±20%50VX7RRadialRoHS