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TDK Corporation
NTCG Series
TDK Corporation
NTCG0805‐KIT Series Thermistor Sample Kit
TDK Corporation
NTCGP and NTCRP Series
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NTCG0805‐KIT Series Thermistor Sample Kit

SMD Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor Sample Kit

TDK Corporation

NTCG Series Thermistors are manufactured from sintered metal oxides. Each thermistor consists of a combina􀆟on of two to four of the following materials: Manganese, Nickel, Cobalt, and Copper. NTC thermistors are semiconductor resistors that exhibit decreasing resistance characteris􀆟cs with increasing temperature. TDK thermistors have low thermal 􀆟me constants which result in extremely high rates of resistance change to accurately track the temperature.

Kit Contains 160 pieces total — 10 pieces each of 16 values:
  • NTCG203BH102JT1
  • NTCG203BH152JT1
  • NTCG203EH471JT1
  • NTCG203EH681JT1
  • NTCG203FH222JT1
  • NTCG203FH332JT1
  • NTCG203JH472JT1
  • NTCG203JH682JT1
  • NTCG203NH103JT1
  • NTCG203NH153JT1
  • NTCG203SH223JT1
  • NTCG203SH333JT1
  • NTCG204AH473JT1
  • NTCG204AH683JT1
  • NTCG204CH104JT1
  • NTCG204CH154JT1
  • Kit Type:NTC
  • Quantity:160 Pieces (16 Values - 10 Each)
  • Temperature Range:-40°C ~ 125°C
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TDK Corporation NTCG Series
Category: Sensors, Transducers-Temperature Sensors - NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient)