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Cornell Dubilier Electronics
AXLH Series
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
NLW Series
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
WBR Series

NLW Series

Miniature, Axial Leaded, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier Electronics

The NLW combines low DCL and ESR to provide superior performance. Designed for industrial applications requiring resistance to vibration and extended operating temperatures.

  • Extended temperature
  • Computer grade
  • Subminiature, high capacitance
  • Extended Life
  • Applications:General Purpose
  • Capacitance:1µF ~ 100µF
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ High Frequency:10kHz
  • Frequency Coupled to Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:120Hz
  • Lifetime @ Temp.:1000 Hrs @ 105°C
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 105°C
  • Package / Case:Axial, Can
  • Ripple Current @ High Frequency:23mA ~ 287.5mA
  • Ripple Current @ Low Frequency:20mA ~ 250mA
  • Tolerance:-10%, +75%
  • Voltage - Rated:25V ~ 100V
NLW1-25NLW1-25CAP ALUM 1UF 25V AXIAL 1µF-10%, +75%25V200Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW2-25NLW2-25CAP ALUM 2UF 25V AXIAL 2µF-10%, +75%25V100Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW2-100NLW2-100CAP ALUM 2UF 100V AXIAL 2µF-10%, +75%100V100Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW5-25NLW5-25CAP ALUM 5UF 25V AXIAL 5µF-10%, +75%25V40Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW10-50NLW10-50CAP ALUM 10UF 50V AXIAL 10µF-10%, +75%50V20Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW25-25NLW25-25CAP ALUM 25UF 25V AXIAL 25µF-10%, +75%25V10.6OhmAxial, CanRoHS
NLW25-50NLW25-50CAP ALUM 25UF 50V AXIAL 25µF-10%, +75%50V8OhmAxial, CanRoHS
NLW30-50NLW30-50CAP ALUM 30UF 50V AXIAL 30µF-10%, +75%50V6.6Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW50-50NLW50-50CAP ALUM 50UF 50V AXIAL 50µF-10%, +75%50V4OhmAxial, CanRoHS
NLW100-50NLW100-50CAP ALUM 100UF 50V AXIAL 100µF-10%, +75%50V2Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS
NLW100-25NLW100-25CAP ALUM 100UF 25V AXIAL 100µF-10%, +75%25V2.7Ohm @ 120HzAxial, CanRoHS