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NCP1030 Evaluation Board
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NCP1030 Evaluation Board

NCP1030GEVB Evaluation Board using the NCP1030 2 Watt PoE DC-DC Converter

ON Semiconductor

The NCP1030 demonstration board is an isolated bias supply for 48 V telecom systems. It delivers 2 W at 12 V. This converter is implemented using a discontinuous flyback topology operating at 300 kHz. A minimum of external components are used as the NCP1030 incorporates in a single IC all the active power, control logic and protection circuitry required for implementing a highly integrated bias supply.

  • Board Type:Fully Populated
  • Current - Output:170mA
  • Frequency - Switching:250kHz
  • Main Purpose:Special Purpose DC/DC, Power Over Ethernet
  • Outputs and Type:1, Isolated
  • Regulator Topology:Flyback
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:NCP1030
  • Voltage - Input:36V ~ 76V
  • Voltage - Output:12V