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MX34R Series
JAE Electronics
MX84B Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
.025 Series

MX84B Series

PHEV, EV Connector Using Low Flammability Material

JAE Electronics

Recently for in-vehicle connectors, demands for products using low flammability material are growing due to environmental regulations. To meet these demands, JAE has developed the MX84B Series in-vehicle connector which is a UL-94 V-0 compatible version of the existing MX34 Series. The MX84B Series is a connector ideal for PHEV and EV.

  • Connector Type:Header
  • Contact Finish - Mating:Tin
  • Contact Finish - Post:Tin
  • Contact Length - Mating:0.303" (7.70mm)
  • Contact Length - Post:0.126" (3.20mm)
  • Contact Material:Brass
  • Contact Shape:Square
  • Contact Type:Male Pin
  • Features:Mounting Flange
  • Insulation Height:0.626" (15.90mm)
  • Insulation Material:Syndiotactic Polystyrene (SPS), Glass Filled
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole, Right Angle
  • Number of Positions:12 ~ 40
  • Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • Number of Rows:2
  • Pitch - Mating:0.087" (2.20mm)
  • Row Spacing - Mating:0.118" (3.00mm)
  • Shrouding:Shrouded - 4 Wall
  • Style:Board to Cable/Wire
  • Termination:Solder

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MX84B024NF1MX84B024NF1CONN HEADER R/A 24POS 2.2MM HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)24RoHS
MX84B036NF1MX84B036NF1CONN PIN HEADER 36 POS R/A PHEV/HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)36
MX84B028NF1MX84B028NF1CONN HEADER R/A 28POS 2.2MM HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)28RoHS
MX84B032NF1MX84B032NF1CONN PIN HEADER 32 POS R/A HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)32
MX84B032NF2MX84B032NF2CONN PIN HEADER 32 POS R/A HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)32
MX84B012NF1MX84B012NF1CONN PIN HEADER 12 POS R/A HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)12
MX84B016NF1MX84B016NF1CONN PIN HEADER 16 POS R/A HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)16
MX84B040NF1MX84B040NF1CONN PIN HEADER 40 POS R/A HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)40
MX84B020NF1MX84B020NF1CONN PIN HEADER 20 POS R/A PHEV/HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)20
MX84B024NF2MX84B024NF2CONN PIN HEADER 24 POS R/A PHEV/HeaderMale Pin0.087" (2.20mm)24

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