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Tripp Lite
Multimode LC Duplex to ST (2) - Tripp Lite
Tripp Lite
Multimode SC Duplex to SC Duplex
Tripp Lite
Multimode SC Duplex to ST (2)
  • Images
  • 1st Connector:SC Duplex
  • 2nd Connector:SC Duplex
  • Cable Type:Twin Zip
  • Color - Cable:Orange
  • Insertion Loss:0.20dB
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Ratings:FDDI, OFNR
  • Type:Multimode, Duplex
N306-001N306-001FIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC 305MM SC DuplexSC Duplex-Twin ZipRoHS
N506-02MN506-02MFIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC DUPLEX 2M SC DuplexSC Duplex0.03" (0.9mm)Twin ZipRoHS
N306-46MN306-46MFIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC DUPLEX 46MSC DuplexSC Duplex-Twin ZipRoHS
N506-50MN506-50MFIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC DUPLEX 50MSC DuplexSC Duplex0.03" (0.9mm)Twin ZipRoHS
N306-003N306-003FIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC 914MM SC DuplexSC Duplex-Twin ZipRoHS
N306-006N306-006FIBER OPTIC CBL SC-SC DUPLX 1.8MSC DuplexSC Duplex-Twin ZipRoHS