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Multimode, Duplex, OM3, LC Duplex to LC Duplex
Multimode, Duplex, OM4, LC Duplex to LC Duplex
Singlemode, Duplex, LC Duplex to LC Duplex

Multimode, Duplex, OM4, LC Duplex to LC Duplex

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies


Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Multimode, Duplex, OM4, LC Duplex to LC Duplex

  • 1st Connector:LC Duplex
  • 2nd Connector:LC Duplex
  • Bend Radius:30mm
  • Cable Diameter:0.08" (2.0mm)
  • Color - Connectors:Black
  • Fiber Type:50/125
  • Insertion Loss:0.15dB
  • Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 70°C
  • Type:Multimode, Duplex, OM4

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P5440010M4AE2P5440010M4AE2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS
P3440010M4AE2P3440010M4AE2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P3440010M4AA2P3440010M4AA2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P5440030M4AE2P5440030M4AE2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS
P5440030M4AA2P5440030M4AA2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS
P3440030M4AA2P3440030M4AA2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P3440030M4AE2P3440030M4AE2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P5440050M4AE2P5440050M4AE2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS
P3440050M4AE2P3440050M4AE2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P3440050M4AA2P3440050M4AA2PATCHCORD,LCD-LCD,2OM4,2.0MM ZIPLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)Twin ZipRoHS
P5440010M4AA2P5440010M4AA2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS
P5440050M4AA2P5440050M4AA2PATCHCORD,LC UNIBOOT -LCD UNIBOOLC DuplexLC Duplex0.08" (2.0mm)-RoHS

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