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TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties
TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties
TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties
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Miniature Altimeter Module

TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties

The MS5803-01BA is a new generation of high-resolution altimeter sensors from Measurement Specialties with SPI and I²C bus interface. The MS5803-01BA HE is the high endurance pad technology version of the MS5803-01BA pressure sensor module. It is optimized for altimeters and variometers with an altitude resolution of 10cm. The sensor module includes a high linearity pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24-bit ΔΣ ADC with internal factory calibrated coefficients. It provides a precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature value and different operation modes that allow the user to optimize for conversion speed and current consumption. A high-resolution temperature output allows the implementation of an altimeter/thermometer function without any additional sensor.

Product Description

The MS5803-01BA can be interfaced to virtually any microcontroller. The communication protocol is simple, without the need of programming internal registers in the device. The gel protection and antimagnetic stainless steel cap allows the use in 100m water resistant altimeter/compass watches. This sensor module generation is based on leading MEMS technology and latest benefits from MEAS proven experience and expertise in high volume manufacturing of altimeter modules, which have been widely used for over a decade. The sensing principle employed leads to very low hysteresis and high stability of pressure and temperature signal.

  • Applications:Board Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • Output:24 b
  • Output Type:I²C, SPI
  • Package / Case:8-SMD Module
  • Port Style:No Port
  • Pressure Type:Absolute
  • Termination Style:SMD (SMT) Tab
  • Voltage - Supply:1.8V ~ 3.6V

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MS580302BA01-00MS580302BA01-00MINIATURE ALTIMETER MODULE Board MountAbsolute4.35PSI ~ 15.95PSI (30kPa ~ 110kPa)I²C, SPI8-SMD ModuleRoHS
MS580314BA01-00MS580314BA01-00MINIATURE ALTIMETER MODULE Board MountAbsolute203.05PSI (1400kPa)I²C, SPI8-SMD ModuleRoHS
MS580305BA01-00MS580305BA01-00MINIATURE ALTIMETER MODULE Board MountAbsolute72.52PSI (500kPa)I²C, SPI8-SMD ModuleRoHS
MS580301BA01-00MS580301BA01-00MINIATURE ALTIMETER MODULE Board MountAbsolute0.15PSI ~ 18.85PSI (1kPa ~ 130kPa)I²C, SPI8-SMD ModuleRoHS
MS580330BA01-00MS580330BA01-00MINIATURE ALTIMETER MODULE Board MountAbsolute435.1PSI (3000kPa)I²C, SPI8-SMD ModuleRoHS

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