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Panasonic Electric Works
EKMB and EKMC Standard Profile PaPIRS Motion Sensor
Panasonic Electric Works
MP Motion Sensor NaPiOn
Panasonic Electric Works
PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs): EKMB (WL) Series

MP Motion Sensor NaPiOn

Passive Infrared Technology

Panasonic Electric Works

Panasonic Electric Works series of integrated motion sensors enable safety and energy conservation applications. Many packages include built-in amplifiers for simple, compact designs used in lighting and HVAC control, ambient light detection, and security applications.

  • NaPiOn pyroelectric sensor modules contain the necessary functions in a small package TO-5
  • Ideal for small-movement detection thanks to quad-type pyroelectric element
  • Lenses can be miniaturized because the pyroelectric element is small
  • Small temperature differences also detected
  • Excellent noise resistance (radiation noise, power supply noise)
  • Home appliance market: Air conditioner, air purifier and fan heater
  • Construction equipment: lighting, automatic switches
  • Commercial equipment: vending machines, facilities for designated smoking areas
  • Anti-crime device market: crime prevention sensor, simple anti-crime devices, surveillance cameras
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 60°C (TA)
  • Package / Case:Cylinder
  • Sensor Type:PIR (Passive Infrared)
  • Trigger Type:Internal

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AMN34111AMN34111SENSOR MOTION 10M DETECT BLK LENPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN34112AMN34112SENSOR MOTION 10M DETECT WHT LENPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN31112AMN31112SENSOR MOTION STD DETECT WHT LENPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN21111AMN21111SENSOR MOTION ANLG STD 5V BK PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN22111AMN22111SENSOR MOTION ANALOG 5V BLK PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN32111AMN32111SENSOR SLIGHT MOTION 5V BLK LEN PIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN32112AMN32112SENSOR SLIGHT MOTION 5V WHT LEN PIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN33111AMN33111SENSOR MOTION SPOT 5V BLK LENS PIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN14111AMN14111SENSOR MOTION DIG 10MM 5V BK PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN43121AMN43121SENSOR MOTION SPOTDETECT DIG BLKPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN41121AMN41121SENSOR MOTION DETECT DIG STD BLKPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN33112AMN33112SENSOR MOTION SPOT 5V WHT LENS PIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN41122AMN41122SENSOR MOTION DIG STD WHT PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN24112AMN24112SENSOR MOTION ANA 10M 5V WHT PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN44122AMN44122SENSOR MOTION DIG 10M WHT PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN31111AMN31111SENSOR MOTION STD DETECT BLK LENPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN14112AMN14112SENSOR MOTION DIG 10M 5V WHT PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN11111AMN11111SENSOR MOTION DIG STD 5V BK PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital3V ~ 6VCylinderRoHS
AMN21112AMN21112SENSOR MOTION ANA STD 5V WHT PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN42121AMN42121SENSOR MOTION DETECT DIG BLK PIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN43122AMN43122SENSOR MOTION SPOT DIG WHT PCBQ PIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN23112AMN23112SENSOR MOTION ANA SPOT5V WHT PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN42122AMN42122SENSOR MOTION SLIGHT DIG WHT PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS
AMN22112AMN22112SENSOR MOTION ANA 5V WHT PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)78.7" (2m) 6.6'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN23111AMN23111SENSOR MOTION ANA SPOT5V BLK PCBPIR (Passive Infrared)197" (5m) 16.4'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN24111AMN24111SENSOR MOTION ANA 10M 5V BK PCB PIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Analog4.5V ~ 5.5VCylinderRoHS
AMN44121AMN44121SENSOR MOTION DETECT DIG 10M BLKPIR (Passive Infrared)394" (10m) 32.8'Digital2.2V ~ 3VCylinderRoHS

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