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Microchip Technology
NetBurner Inc.
NetBurner Inc.


Ethernet Core Modules

NetBurner Inc.

NetBurner core modules allow you to quickly and easily create an embedded product, create a network-enabled product, or add network connectivity to an existing product. These modules can be used as the main processor or as a secondary network co-processor. NetBurner Core Modules are meant to be placed onto an end product's circuit board as a daughter card. The processor I/O are available through a standard header or mini PCI Express connector.

  • 8MB RAM
  • 512KB to 2MB Flash
  • SPI Communications
  • Connector Type:RJ-45, 2x50 Header
  • Flash Size:512KB ~ 2MB
  • Module/Board Type:MCU, Ethernet Core
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  • RAM Size:8MB ~ 8.064MB
  • Speed:62MHz ~ 147.5MHz

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MOD5270-100IRMOD5270-100IRIC MOD COLDFIRE 147.5MHZ 8.064MBMCU, Ethernet CoreColdFire 5270-147.5MHzRoHS
MOD5234-100IRMOD5234-100IRIC MOD COLDFIRE 147.5MHZ 8MB MCU, Ethernet CoreColdFire 5234-147.5MHzRoHS
MOD5272-100IRMOD5272-100IRIC MOD COLDFIRE 62MHZ 8.004MB MCU, Ethernet CoreColdFire 5272-62MHzRoHS
MOD5282-100IRMOD5282-100IRIC MOD COLDFIRE 66MHZ 8.064MB MCU, Ethernet CoreColdFire 5282-66MHzRoHS

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Associated Product
NetBurner Inc. NNDK-MOD5282-KIT
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