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TDK Corporation
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TDK Corporation
MMZ0402 Series
TDK Corporation
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MMZ0402 Series

Chip Ferrite Beads for Signal Line

TDK Corporation

Surface mount, differential mode, single channel

  • Small size
  • It prevents radiated noise from high speed signal lines
  • Maintain impedance to high frequency band
  • Because it adopts silver in internal electrode, it is low DC resistance
  • Because it is not generate of cross talk with closed magnetic circuit structural design, high density assembly is possible
Applications :
  • Removal of signal line noises of cellular phones, PCs, notebook PCs, TVs, TV tuners, STBs, audio players, DVDs, DSCs, DVCs, game machines, digital photo frames, car navigation system, PNDs, etc.
  • Current Rating (Max):200mA ~ 750mA
  • DC Resistance (DCR) (Max):70mOhm ~ 1Ohm
  • Filter Type:Signal Line
  • Frequency Coupled to Impedance @ Frequency:100MHz
  • Height (Max):0.009" (0.22mm)
  • Impedance @ Frequency:10 Ohms ~ 240 Ohms
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Number of Lines:1
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Package / Case:01005 (0402 Metric)
  • Packaging:Tape & Reel (TR)
  • Size / Dimension:0.016" L x 0.008" W (0.40mm x 0.20mm)

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MMZ0402S241CT000MMZ0402S241CT000FERRITE BEAD 240 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line1240 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402S100CT000MMZ0402S100CT000FERRITE BEAD 10 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line110 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402S700CT000MMZ0402S700CT000FERRITE BEAD 70 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line170 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402S151CT000MMZ0402S151CT000FERRITE BEAD 150 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line1150 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402EUC181CTF0WMMZ0402EUC181CTF0WFERRITE BEAD 180 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line1180 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402EUC151CTF0WMMZ0402EUC151CTF0WFERRITE BEAD 150 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line1150 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402Y750CT000MMZ0402Y750CT000FERRITE BEAD 75 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line175 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402S121CT000MMZ0402S121CT000FERRITE BEAD 120 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line1120 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS
MMZ0402D220CT000MMZ0402D220CT000FERRITE BEAD 22 OHM 01005 1LN Signal Line122 Ohms100MHz01005 (0402 Metric)RoHS

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