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Standex-Meder Electronics
MK15, MK16, and MK17 Series
Standex-Meder Electronics
MK23 Series
Standex-Meder Electronics
MK24 Series
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MK23 Series

Magnetic Reed Switch

Standex-Meder Electronics

MK23 sensors are magnetically operated, open Reed proximity switches for surface mounting. Magnet force and position magnet/sensor determine Pull-In and Drop-Out point.

  • Surface mounted
  • Very small
  • Flat or round bent leads
  • Designed for ease in pick and place machines
  • Hermetically sealed for excellent internal protection
  • Long life expectancy
  • Fast switching
  • High insulation compared to hall effects
  • No external circuit requirements
  • No power consumption
  • Low on resistance (Low Contact Resistance)
  • Electronic PCB`s where all components are surface mounted
  • No power-requirement sensor for low power applications
  • Telecommunication applications
  • Automotive applications
  • Capacitance:.2pF ~ 1.5pF
  • Current - Carry:500mA (AC/DC) ~ 1A (AC/DC)
  • Current - Switching:400mA (AC/DC) ~ 500mA (AC/DC)
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operate Time:.6ms ~ .7ms
  • Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 130°C
  • Power - Rated:10W
  • Release Time:.05ms ~ 1.5ms
  • Termination Style:Gull Wing
  • Type:Glass Body
  • Voltage - Switching AC:170V ~ 200V
  • Voltage - Switching DC:170V ~ 200V

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MK23-66-B-2MK23-66-B-2SWITCH REED SPST-NO 500MA 200V Glass BodySPST-NO10 ~ 15AT-RoHS
MK23-87-B-2MK23-87-B-2SWITCH REED SPST-NO 400MA 200V Glass BodySPST-NO10 ~ 15AT-RoHS
MK23-80-B-2MK23-80-B-2SWITCH REED SPST-NO 500MA 170V Glass BodySPST-NO10 ~ 15AT-RoHS
MK23-90-C-2MK23-90-C-2SWITCH REED SPDT 500MA 175V Glass BodySPDT15 ~ 20AT-RoHS
MK23-80-C-2MK23-80-C-2SWITCH REED SPST-NO 500MA 170V Glass BodySPST-NO15 ~ 20AT-RoHS

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