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Amphenol PCD
D-Sub Housings
MDMA Series
Cinch Connectivity Solutions AIM-Cambridge
94 Series

MDMA Series

Microminiature Connector Housings


Housings for the MDMA Series microminiature connector family.

  • Compliant with ESA specifications
  • High performance Micropin™ contact system (“twist pin” spring male contact and tubular socket contact)
  • Removable crimp type contacts
  • Harnesses length flexibility
  • Non-Outgassing
  • Low Size Connectors
  • Low Weight
  • Space equipment
  • Satellites harnesses and payloads
  • Avionics / Military
  • Color:Black
  • Connector Style:D-Type, Micro-D
  • Contact Type:Signal
  • Dielectric Material:Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), Glass Filled
  • Features:Dust Cap
  • Flange Feature:Housing/Shell (Unthreaded)
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Note:Contacts Not Included
  • Number of Positions:9 ~ 51
  • Number of Rows:2 ~ 3
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Shell Finish Thickness:28µin (0.70µm)
  • Shell Material, Finish:Aluminum Alloy, Gold Plated
  • Shell Size, Connector Layout:0.050 Pitch x 0.043 Row to Row

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340107702BMDMA15P-FO340107702BMDMA15P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 15POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts152RoHS
340107702BMDMA15S-FO340107702BMDMA15S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 15POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts152RoHS
340107702BMDMA9S-FO340107702BMDMA9S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 9POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts92RoHS
340107702BMDMA21P-FO340107702BMDMA21P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 21POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts212RoHS
340107702BMDMA21S-FO340107702BMDMA21S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 21POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts212RoHS
340107702BMDMA25P-FO340107702BMDMA25P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 25POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts252RoHS
340107702BMDMA25S-FO340107702BMDMA25S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 25POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts252RoHS
340107702BMDMA31P-FO340107702BMDMA31P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 31POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts312RoHS
340107702BMDMA31S-FO340107702BMDMA31S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 31POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts312RoHS
340107702BMDMA37S-FO340107702BMDMA37S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 37POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts372RoHS
340107702BMDMA51S-FO340107702BMDMA51S-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING RCPT 51POS D-Type, Micro-DReceptacle for Female Contacts513RoHS
340107702BMDMA51P-FO340107702BMDMA51P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 51POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts513RoHS
340107702BMDMA9P-FO340107702BMDMA9P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 9POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts92RoHS
340107702BMDMA37P-FO340107702BMDMA37P-FOCONN MICRO-D HOUSING PLUG 37POS D-Type, Micro-DPlug for Male Contacts372RoHS

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