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Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd.
HQ-H Series
Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd.
MCL Series
Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd.
MPH Series

MCL Series

Multilayer Chip Inductor for Choke

Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Monolithic structure for high reliability
  • No cross coupling due to magnetic shield
  • Excellent solderability and high heat resistance
  • High DC bias current due to developed material
  • Low AC resistance, low power loss
Applications :
  • NFC output filtering
  • Power line
  • Current Rating (Amps):300mA ~ 1.1A
  • DC Resistance (DCR):70mOhm Max ~ 970mOhm Max
  • Frequency - Self Resonant:45MHz ~ 235MHz
  • Inductance:100nH ~ 4.7µH
  • Inductance Frequency - Test:1MHz ~ 25MHz
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Shielding:Shielded
  • Supplier Device Package:0402 ~ 1008
  • Type:Multilayer

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MCL1005NR47JTMCL1005NR47JTFIXED IND 470NH 300MA 970MOHM SMMultilayer-470nH±5%0402 (1005 Metric)
MCL1005NR12JTMCL1005NR12JTFIXED IND 120NH 450MA 390MOHM SMMultilayer-120nH±5%0402 (1005 Metric)
MCL2016A1R0MTMCL2016A1R0MTFIXED IND 1UH 1.1A 140 MOHM SMD Multilayer-1µH±20%0806 (2016 Metric)
MCL2520A4R7MTMCL2520A4R7MTFIXED IND 4.7UH 950MA 280MOHM SMMultilayer-4.7µH±20%1008 (2520 Metric)
MCL2016A2R2MTMCL2016A2R2MTFIXED IND 2.2UH 850MA 220MOHM SMMultilayer-2.2µH±20%0806 (2016 Metric)
MCL2012SR10MTMCL2012SR10MTFIXED IND 100NH 1A 70 MOHM SMD Multilayer-100nH±20%0805 (2012 Metric)
MCL1005NR11JTMCL1005NR11JTFIXED IND 110NH 450MA 390MOHM SMMultilayer-110nH±5%0402 (1005 Metric)
MCL1608NR22KTMCL1608NR22KTFIXED IND 220NH 600MA 260MOHM SMMultilayer-220nH±10%0603 (1608 Metric)
MCL2012A4R7MTMCL2012A4R7MTFIXED IND 4.7UH 850MA 300MOHM SMMultilayer-4.7µH±20%0805 (2012 Metric)

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