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Maxim Integrated
MAX5318 Evaluation Kit
Maxim Integrated
MAX7219 Display Driver Shield
Maxim Integrated
MAXREFDES130# Building Automation Shield Board
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MAX7219 Display Driver Shield

MAXREFDES99# Display Driver Shield using the MAX7219 LED Driver

Maxim Integrated

Maxim’s MAXREFDES99# is an Arduino® form-factor shield, which drives a 16x16 LED array for signage applications. This design is ideal for anyone developing a display application. The board features Maxim’s MAX7219, a legendary LED driver that simplifies the process of controlling multiple LEDs in matrix or numeric display form. In MAXREFDES99#, four MAX7219 ICs are daisy chained to drive a full 256-LED array, which can display any international alphanumeric symbol. The board arrives complete with four 8x8 LED displays. Code for the MAXREFDES99# is available on both Arduino and ARM® mbed™ platforms for quick prototyping with multiple platform boards. System demonstrations include the display of ASCII characters ‘SPACE’ through ‘~’ and writing/scrolling string messages. Developers are encouraged to build upon and enhance the code base.

  • Contents:Board(s)
  • Function:LED Driver
  • Platform:Arduino
  • Type:Power Management
  • Utilized IC / Part:MAX7219
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Maxim Integrated LED Display Driver
Category: Semiconductors, Development Tools-Integrated Circuits (ICs)-PMIC - Power Management-Display Drivers-LED