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Maxim Integrated
MAX6625 and MAX6626
Maxim Integrated
MAX6627 and MAX6628
Maxim Integrated
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MAX6627 and MAX6628

Remote ±1°C Accurate Digital Temperature Sensors with SPI-Compatible Serial Interface

Maxim Integrated

The MAX6627/MAX6628 precise digital temperature sensors report the temperature of a remote sensor. The remote sensor is a diode-connected transistor, typically a low-cost, easily mounted 2N3904 NPN type that replaces conventional thermistors or thermocouples. The devices can also measure the die temperature of other ICs, such as microprocessors (μPs) or microcontrollers (μCs) that contain an on-chip, diode-connected transistor.

  • Accuracy - Highest (Lowest):±1°C (±5.5°C)
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Operating Temperature:-55°C ~ 125°C
  • Output Type:SPI
  • Package / Case:8-WDFN Exposed Pad
  • Resolution:12 b
  • Sensing Temperature - Remote:-55°C ~ 145°C
  • Sensor Type:Digital, Remote
  • Supplier Device Package:8-TDFN-EP (3x3)
  • Test Condition:0°C ~ 125°C (-55°C ~ 125°C)
  • Voltage - Supply:3V ~ 5.5V

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MAX6627MTA+TMAX6627MTA+TSENSOR DIGITAL REMOTE 8TDFN Digital, Remote--55°C ~ 145°CSPI8-WDFN Exposed PadRoHS
MAX6628MTA+TMAX6628MTA+TSENSOR DIGITAL REMOTE 8TDFN Digital, Remote--55°C ~ 145°CSPI8-WDFN Exposed PadRoHS

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