CNC Tech CNC Tech 600232

Magnet Wire

Magnet Wire with Heavy Film Polyester Overcoat

CNC Tech

Polyamideimide enameled copper wire with heavy film polyester overcoat

  • Wire Gauge:14 AWG ~ 34 AWG
    600214600214MW35-C HY 14AWG 1KG MAX/V 4500 14 AWGPolyamide0.068" (1.73mm)177.1' (54m)RoHS
    610214610214MW-28C SL 14AWG 1KG MAX/V 2600 14 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.067" (1.70mm)177.1' (54m)RoHS
    600216600216MW35-C HY 16AWG 1KG MAX/V 4000 16 AWGPolyamide0.054" (1.37mm)282.4' (86.1m)RoHS
    600218600218MW35-C HY 18AWG 1KG MAX/V 3900 18 AWGPolyamide0.043" (1.09mm)448' (136.6m)RoHS
    600220600220MW35-C HY 20AWG 1KG MAX/V 3800 20 AWGPolyamide0.035" (0.89mm)710.8' (216.7m)RoHS
    600222600222MW35-C HY 22AWG 1KG MAX/V 3600 22 AWGPolyamide0.028" (0.71mm)1136.2' (346.4m)RoHS
    600224600224MW35-C HY 24AWG 1KG MAX/V 3500 24 AWGPolyamide0.023" (0.58mm)1799.1' (548.5m)RoHS
    600226600226MW35-C HY 26AWG 1KG MAX/V 3300 26 AWGPolyamide0.018" (0.46mm)2878.2' (877.5m)RoHS
    600228600228MW35-C HY 28AWG 1KG MAX/V 3200 28 AWGPolyamide0.015" (0.38mm)4587.4' (1398.6m)RoHS
    600230600230MW35-C HY 30AWG 1KG MAX/V 3000 30 AWGPolyamide0.012" (0.31mm)7281.3' (2219.9m)RoHS
    600232600232MW35-C HY 32AWG 1KG MAX/V 2600 32 AWGPolyamide0.010" (0.25mm)11399.6' (3475.5m)RoHS
    600234600234MW35-C HY 34AWG 1KG MAX/V 2500 34 AWGPolyamide0.008" (0.20mm)18350.3' (5594.6m)RoHS
    610216610216MW-28C SL 16AWG 1KG MAX/V 2300 16 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.053" (1.35mm)282.4' (86.1m)RoHS
    600216-15600216-15MW35-C HY 16AWG 15KG MAX/V 4000 16 AWGPolyamide0.054" (1.37mm)4237.2' (1291.5m)RoHS
    600214-15600214-15MW35-C HY 14AWG 15KG MAX/V 4500 14 AWGPolyamide0.068" (1.73mm)2657.5' (810m)RoHS
    600218-15600218-15MW35-C HY 18AWG 15KG MAX/V 3900 18 AWGPolyamide0.043" (1.09mm)6722.4' (2049m)RoHS
    600220-15600220-15MW35-C HY 20AWG 15KG MAX/V 3800 20 AWGPolyamide0.035" (0.89mm)10664.4' (3250.5m)RoHS
    610218610218MW-28C SL 18AWG 1KG MAX/V 2200 18 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.042" (1.07mm)448' (136.6m)RoHS
    610230610230MW-28C SL 30AWG 1KG MAX/V 1700 30 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.011" (0.28mm)7281.3' (2219.9m)RoHS
    610226610226MW-28C SL 26AWG 1KG MAX/V 1700 26 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.017" (0.43mm)2878.2' (877.5m)RoHS
    610224610224MW-28C SL 24AWG 1KG MAX/V 1900 24 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.022" (0.55mm)1799.1' (548.5m)RoHS
    610232610232MW-28C SL 32AWG 1KG MAX/V 1400 32 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.009" (0.23mm)11399.6' (3475.5m)RoHS
    610234610234MW-28C SL 34AWG 1KG MAX/V 1300 34 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.007" (0.18mm)18350.3' (5594.6m)RoHS
    610228610228MW-28C SL 28AWG 1KG MAX/V 1700 28 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.014" (0.36mm)4587.4' (1398.6m)RoHS
    610220610220MW-28C SL 20AWG 1KG MAX/V 2000 20 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.034" (0.86mm)710.8' (216.7m)RoHS
    610222610222MW-28C SL 22AWG 1KG MAX/V 2000 22 AWGPolyurethane (PU)0.027" (0.69mm)1136.2' (346.4m)RoHS