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NorComp Inc.
M12 Series
NorComp Inc.
M5 Series
NorComp Inc.
M8 Series

M5 Series

Circular Connector Cables, 2, 3 and 4 position

NorComp Inc.

M5 Series circular connectors offer a robust waterproof cable to panel interface for demanding end use applications.

Product Description

NorComp’s M Series metal shell circular connectors offer a robust waterproof cable to panel/PC board interface for demanding end-use applications. Engineers continue to design-in these industry standard connectors due to their rugged design and space savings associated with the more compact connector. Contact for contact, these connectors take up less room than rectangular style connectors enabling an efficient use of mounting connectivity space for multiple design in applications.

  • Meets IP67 Waterproof requirements
  • Ruggedized connector system for harsh environments
  • Full metal shells for EMI/RFI shielding
  • 1st Connector Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • 1st Connector Number of Positions:2 ~ 4
  • 1st Connector Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • 1st Connector Orientation:Keyed
  • 1st Connector Shell Size - Insert:M5
  • 2nd Connector Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • 2nd Connector Number of Positions:2 ~ 4
  • 2nd Connector Number of Positions Loaded:All
  • 2nd Connector Orientation:Keyed
  • 2nd Connector Shell Size - Insert:M5
  • Assembly Configuration:Standard
  • Cable Material:Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Cable Type:Round
  • Color:Black
  • Ingress Protection:IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
  • Length:6.56' (2.00m)
  • Shielding:Shielded
  • Usage:Industrial Environments

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CCA-000-M02R202CCA-000-M02R202CBL FMALE TO FMALE 4P SHLD 6.56'PlugFemale Sockets4AllRoHS
CCA-000-M02R233CCA-000-M02R233CBL FMALE TO FMALE 2P SHLD 6.56'PlugFemale Sockets2AllRoHS
CCA-000-M02R234CCA-000-M02R234CBL FMALE TO FMALE 3P SHLD 6.56'PlugFemale Sockets3AllRoHS
CCA-000-M02R186CCA-000-M02R186CBL MALE TO MALE 4POS SHLD 6.56'ReceptacleMale Pins4AllRoHS
CCA-000-M02R228CCA-000-M02R228CBL MALE TO MALE 3POS SHLD 6.56'ReceptacleMale Pins3AllRoHS
CCA-000-M02R227CCA-000-M02R227CBL MALE TO MALE 2POS SHLD 6.56'ReceptacleMale Pins2AllRoHS

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